In-Depth: Inside The Business Of GameStop, Part One

In the first of a two-part series, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews goes in depth on retailer GameStop's business over the last several years, providing data on everything from revenues to used game sales, parsing out important longer-term trends.

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toaster3106d ago

I wouldn't want to deal with the pack of idiots at Gamestop if my life depended on it. Their employees suck, are rude, and know little about gaming.

RedPawn3106d ago

Not all Gamestops are this way, it's just sad that you have idiots, fanboys, and elitists working at most of them.

It's great to be greeted by someone who automatically knows what they're talking about, and wanting you to honestly look for on whatever platform you own.

A huge problem is GS doesn't understand the true meaning of "power to the players" when they're forced to sell $hit games like Tony Hawk Ride, constantly.

Mo0eY3106d ago

Inside The Business Of GameStop:

Step 1: Hire employees who know nothing about games
Step 2: Nag the customers to death about games they know nothing about
Step 4: When buying a game, nag the customer about their ad-filled magazine they know nothing about.
Step 3: When buying a game, nag the customer to preorder so-and-so game they also know nothing about
Step 5: Rip off people who sell their games and make some money selling those games back

FantasyStar3106d ago

Why is Step 3 and 4 out of order?

princejb1343106d ago

i hate gamestop
i used to work for them
and yea they are kidna annoying
by forcing a game informer subscription even if you dont want it
they would play the new games and sell em as new
and some would take money of your edge card

skyblue142133106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I buy most of my games new or used online because it is more convenient and cheaper than gamestop, not to mention that you don't have to go out on a hunt to find a particular game that you want. Also, you get next to nothing if you trade in a game and they make you take store credit instead of cash. I am way better off just keeping my games than selling them to gamestop(it is just not worth it) and having them turn around and mark up the game at least 500% of what I would get for it from them, besides eventually I always replay games that I own after a while of not playing them, and the games themselves will just go up in collectible value as time goes by. Even if gamestop offered decent-to-good trade-in value(cash) for people to trade in their games I would still prefer to keep my games because I know that I would want to play them again multiple times in the future. Once in a blue moon you might find a good deal at gamestop but most of the time there are better deals online.

FantasyStar3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

IT's gone up significantly since 2006. Which was the start of this-gen. What does this tell us? From 03-05 compared to 06-10: Gamestop made a 3.22x profit this gen compared to last-gen.

People have been trading in games more often since this-gen started. Maybe it's time Publishers start pricing their games more aggressively. The difference between 2006 and 2010 is huge. It's clear that simply trying to justify the $60 isn't working. You need a lower asking value and justifying that with just as much content if you want more sales.

It's no surprise at all that people want the best bang for the buck. And at $60, it's not doing it. Those graphs prove that, and from Gamasutra no less.

DraconicPanda3106d ago

were a lot of gamestops do have a lot of terrible employees, there are still a few that are run by a great passionate staff. people like to complain about the people working there forcing subscriptions and reservations but unfortunately that is mandatory for them to keep their job. where this is annoying to the consumer, it is equally as painful on the employee. gamestop is a business and they are in the game to make money, and frankly I would rather go to a gamestop and have the selection and put up with a cheesy sales pitch before I walk into a walmart or bestbuy and have absolutely no customer service or half the selection. and as far as game prices go, the $60 price has been around for many gaming generations, im just happy they havnt increased!

skyblue142133104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Actually they were higher when I was younger where a game like after burner 2 for the genesis was $89 when it was released, or nhl stanley cup for the snes was a whopping $100 when it first came out and my brother got my mother to buy that one(which I thought was crazy), and not to mention the neo geo aes console games were at least $250 a game and the aes console itself was around $700 and it was a great console but not worth paying that much just for a game console, there were also a few others around that price range but the neo geo aes was by far the best and most successful(it had a 14 year run). And back then prices did not go down on games in 3 months to a year like they do now, it would be more like at least 2 years before you see a price drop in most games and if you were lucky enough a mediocre to decent game would drop a little in price in a year. I started gaming in the nes days which were some good times, but I enjoy other consoles/arcade/pinball(new and old) and games spanning many different genres. Sadly I think gaming might be going back to the high price days of yesteryear with games getting content cut backs upon release only later to be sold as dlc, let us just hope that this is a temporary thing and that things will change for the better.