Boy kills dad with sledgehammer after banned from playing computer games

After having his keyboard taken away as punishment, a 14-year-old Russian murders his father with a sledgehammer.

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Megaton3205d ago

"The boy’s parents had taken his keyboard away from him in order to curb his computer game playing, but after the killing, “the boy's frightened mother gave him the keyboard back and the boy played computer games for several more hours until he fell asleep.”"

THE hardcore gamer.

Jallen3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I too enjoy the fact he went back to playing computer games after killing his father. Okay maybe enjoy is the wrong word to use there.

JsonHenry3205d ago

Maybe there is something to this whole "game addiction" thing. Cause I read stories similar to this every day about a crack/meth head.

presto7173205d ago


blasian3205d ago

after the boy woke up he would have a straight jacket on in the mental hospital

SeanRL3205d ago

How the hell can you all laugh this off like it's nothing? Picture your father being brutally murdered with a sledgehammer and then see how you feel,

-Alpha3205d ago

I was disgusted by this too. It's such a sad, sad, world.

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authentic243205d ago

1. A damn sledge hammer
2. He killed his father.
3. His parents must have been horrible and didn't teach him what is real and what isn't.
5. WTF is going on when the mother just gives him the keyboard back?

This lil bastard is crazy. Killing his father for a damn keyboard and a video game. This s what happens when you don't whip your kids ass. This lil asshole obviously ran the house.

kaveti66163205d ago

I don't understand the logic of people who say, "shoot this kid in the face" or "kill this sicko."

If you kill him, what purpose are you serving?

I think life in prison or a mental institution makes more sense than killing the obviously insane individual. Of course, this is speaking as a third party. If someone killed one of my family members, I guess I wouldn't want the culprit to just go to jail.

Fanb0y3205d ago

This is ultimately the parent's fault for not bring the child up properly.

A LOT of adults in America aren't fit to be proper parents anyways. Divorce rates support that.

pixelsword3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Those are some of the nicest people when you're on their good side, but when you're not...

...those are some of the most godless, cold-blooded mothers you've ever had the misfortune of running across.

@ tdrules;

We know it wasn't Natal, or else the father would've escaped via lag. :3

Government Cheese3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Obviously there is such thing as a gaming addiction. You can get addicted to pretty much anything. This is a sad story, and its unfortunate that this kid clearly already had some mental issues, but it seemed like gaming is what finally 'triggered' this type of behavior for this particular guy. And because of that the story will get twisted into making it seem like the game is what was the root cause of his instability.


The family in this article was Russian, not American.

Sunny_D3205d ago

Oh HAHA, that was genius! That was sooo funny, my guts are hurting. You know what would make the move game even more awesome? If it was your dad being the character to get smashed into his head! Oh, what's that? Not so funny now is it? Yea, how about you lay off a bit for something this serious?

gaffyh3205d ago

Damn you World of Warcraft!

Topshelfcheese3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )


Why should tax payers have to pay for this kids problems. Things would be easier if we just took a bullet and put these people down. It not only saves time/resources, but it also sends a message. Don't kill someone unless you want to die.

HolyOrangeCows3205d ago

I feel bad for laughing when I read the title. I serious'd quickly, though.

kaveti66163205d ago

Don't kill someone unless you want to die.

Btw, you have any idea how much money it costs to execute someone? Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

krauley3205d ago

and think about it, it would cost millions to keep the kid in jail for the rest of his life. yeah that makes sense, we spend millions to send out the message that if you slaughter your father with a sledge hammer you dont have to worry about the death penality we will spend millions keeping you behind bars. i like the shotgun to the face idea. the message: kill and be killed!

gta28003205d ago

What is it with these eastern Europeans killing family over video games? Especially Russia. They breed some cold blooded, hardcore muthaf*ckas.

Elven63205d ago

Fanb0y: This happened in Russia, not America...

And the parents WERE attempting to teach him a lesson, they took his keyboard away didn't they? He probably threatened to kill his mom if she didn't give him back his keyboard.

Fanb0y3205d ago

Oh, sorry. My bad. I wasn't aware this was in Russia.

Flame me all you want. I deserve it.

ThanatosDMC3205d ago

Jack Trenton is gonna eat this crap up. He's going to explode reading this.

Millah3205d ago

^^ Umm pretty sure you mean Jack Thompson. Jack Tretton is Sonys CEO, he's the last person that wants to hear about something Ike this in the media.

MagicAccent3205d ago

Call be prejudice, but something tells me that effective treatment for mental conditions such as this isn't very, err, available in russia.

ThanatosDMC3203d ago

^HAHAHAH! I f-ed myself on that one. My bad. You're totally right.

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Elven63205d ago

What a physco, give him life!

playstation_clan3205d ago

because he went triple h on him

SKUD3205d ago

NO!. Give him DEATH!.

NSG3205d ago

Why so serious, just Y

Pandamobile3205d ago

“the boy's frightened mother gave him the keyboard back and the boy played computer games for several more hours until he fell asleep"

This kid is twisted, lol.

SeanRL3205d ago

I would love to personally beat the living hell out of this kid myself. A sledgehammer? That's sick, he needs mental help.