DOAX2 new Famitsu scans

This weeks Famitsu brings another DOAX2 article. Game is still on schedule for this year's Japan at least.

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Zipperdog5404d ago

this game has no real vaule except to prepubesent teens

TheMART5404d ago

Japanese perverts like it and thats good for them ;)

Terry Tate5404d ago

With my subscription to Penthouse, all I am left to play with is myself. Besides, I just read it for the inquisitive articles.
But seriously, being far from pre-pubescent teens, my wife and I enjoyed the heck out of the first DOAXBV, and we are excited for this new one. I would play volley ball, and she would keep track of what items my current character possessed. We would try to get as many swimsuits for each person as possible. Good times.
Of course, no matter how tastefully done these two games are, it's still something we can only play after the kids go to bed.

MissAubrey5404d ago

so uh yeah cant wait for this one.

HyperBear5404d ago (Edited 5404d ago )

That would be hillarious. DOA Table Tennis. You know, you get girls in bikinis, and you get to play ping pong and the loser has to go on the table and strip for the crowd. C'mon Team Ninja, you gotta make that game, get Table Tennis from Rockstar, and then add your DOA to it.