The Most Overhyped Video Games This Generation

Gary A Swaby of writes:This gaming generation seems to be one of the most mainstream ever seen. Consumer interest in video games has become ever growing, mainly thanks to Nintendo for rapidly expanding the market by bringing new gamers into the mix. As the industry becomes more commercial, the amount of hype that circulates big game releases has been magnified a tremendous amount. There are certain games that have received a huge amount of hype, but not necessarily lived up to it. That's not to say the games are bad, but maybe the hype surrounding the game was blown a little bit out of proportion.

The following are games that I (and a few other people whom I consulted) feel has received a preposterous amount of hype for no real reason. I created this list after asking the opinions of many different gamers, so you can be sure that there are many out there who will feel the same way. Once again the point is not that these games were poor. Just think of it as, there may have been other games that deserved some shine but we're sidelined by the hype of these.

Being over-hyped is very different from being overrated. The term overrated refers to games which have been deemed better than they actually are. The term over-hyped refers to games that got more attention than they possibly should have. As long as you understand the difference, you can confidently agree with the list below.

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Icyhot3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Without looking at the list...

Halo (add whatever number you want at the back)

EDIT: Just peeped into the list.. CRAP list IMO.

moegooner883108d ago

Agreed wz ur list, but KZ2 is my fav fps this gen so far.

playstation_clan3108d ago

if killzone 2 was as hype as gta and mw2 then why didnt it sell half of what they did.
what about halo 3?

meetajhu3108d ago

Killzone 2 was not overhyped bud. If it did it would have sold like hot cakes like MW2,Halo 3 or GTA4

cry from the sky3108d ago

looks terrible. most likely going to be the most hyped, failed game this gen.

Darkstorn3108d ago

Killzone 2 may have been overhyped, but it's still the best shooter on the PS3. And possibly this gen.

LBP, on the other hand, was NOT overhyped.

Montrealien3108d ago

not only is the list crap, but it made me realize that anyone can publish articles now a days, and it breaks my heart.

SeanRL3108d ago

KZ2 was NOT the greatest shooter on ps3, the graphics were pretty, but the gameplay never felt right.

N4BmpS3108d ago

Little big PLANET? WHAAT? Okay where was MW2, Halo 3(no offense but it was) GTAIV(with all do respect)ehem FFXIII? I don't even know why MAG was up there it was hyped up alot but nowhere near as much Halo or MW, hell Killzone 2 was hyped more than that by the media. To be honest if pay attention he's going off of other peoples opinions example: "After speaking to numerous people on the issue, I have to agree that this game was indeed hyped to an unexplainable degree." Of course I might be mistaken but that's just my observation.

ThanatosDMC3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I would say:

the WoW expansion
Burst Limit
Overpriced DLCs for Megaman 10
Dragon Age: Awakening <-- full of sound glitches and glitches in general
Sector 8

Mista T3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I agree ODST was a bit overhyped, but really the only level I liked in the game was Uplift Reserve, and that level had a great soundtrack

0:00 to 1:00 and 3:50 to 5:44 are the best in it

kneon3108d ago

I thought MAG and LBP lived up to and exceeded expectations, Dark void though I agree, I really wanted to like that game but it was just lame. I never played too human and I've never liked any of the Halo games so my opinion there is irrelevant.

Where are MW2 and BF:BC2, those were seriously over hyped to the point that they could never live up to the expectations.

And just to be clear, I'm not talking about sales at all.

FragGen3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

This guys a retard. MAG had virtually ZERO hype outside of hardcore gamer word of mouth. LBP was not hyped to death it was just absolutely brilliant and got the awards/praise it deserved. And anyone who had any sense at all wasn't expecting anything from the other 3. Here's some truly over hyped games:

Halo Anything
GTA Anything
Assassin's Creed 1

Mo0eY3108d ago

Where's Gears 2? Splinter Cell: Conviction? Metro 2033? Ninja Blade? Anyone?

RedPawn3108d ago

Tony Hawk Ride
Red Steel
Too Human
Section 8
Wii Music
Dark Void
Dj Hero.
Enemy Territories, Quake Wars
Dark Sector
Prince of Persia

So Many, this list should be like some woman's muffin top, bursting at the seems.

Persistantthug3108d ago

But I must admit, I don't remember the "hype" because I didn't have my PS3 yet.

But regardless of hype it may or may not have recieved, it certainly met its hype as it has sold nearly 4 million units to date and it was GAME OF THE YEAR....AIAS GAME OF THE YEAR in fact.

Hype met.

HolyOrangeCows3108d ago

Halo: ODST and Splinter Cell: Conviction could have gotten 9s and 10s even if it caused a bombing of a hospital every time you played.

These titles got raving reviews despite being short, under-polished, under-optimized, etc.

Anon73493107d ago

Had a better list than this sh!tty piece of crap list.

MW2 has to be the most over hyped game ever, and it's not even on the damn list.

Icyhot3107d ago

Wow why are people disagreeing with me? Did I say OVERHYPED=BAD GAME?? Hell no, KZ2 infact is my favorite FPS, but it still was hyped a lot...

Again OVERHYPED does not mean a BAD GAME.

BannedForNineYears3107d ago

LITTLE BIG PLANET!??!?!?!??! WTF?!????????????????!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!1
FVCK THIS ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Tachyon_Nova3107d ago

Apart from Too Human, what a crap list. MAG and LBP are great games. Halo is undeniably over hyped, although not necessarily a bad game. Where is Haze on that list, not to mention Forza 3, although I guess that was only hyped by the devs... Anyway, to those saying Alan Wake, does anyone actually care about that game? And of course GTA should be on that list.

edgeofblade3107d ago

I would say that KZ2 was overhyped to a degree, but I still played multiplayer quite a bit when I got my mits on it, so I might put it in the top 20 or so. But not in the top 10, that's for sure.

I honestly think that this list is pretty accurate. ODST was way overhyped. I haven't touched it since I finished the campaign.

But, what about Haze? It's hard to forget how bad of a train wreck that was.

PopEmUp3107d ago

I thought it was Too Human what happen to that game :P

Dee_913107d ago

thought that was like 1 of the most successful games ever lol
online is still fun

Megaton3107d ago

I dunno what the author thinks "overhyped" means, but he's doing it wrong.

Sheikh Yerbouti3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

but I was sick of the hype. I avoided any article on Killzone weeks before it released - saving my excitement for the game.

LBP and MAG doesn't belong on that list. Not a game, but Natal definitely is overhyped.

ico923107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

How was LBP overhyped, its one of the few games this gen to actually surpass the hype, wheres GTA4, MW2 ? this list was terrible

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Al803108d ago

MAG doesn't belong on that list. Anyone who doesn't dig MAG probably hasn't played it enough

Killakap3108d ago

he never said he didnt dig any of the games he listed.

Baka-akaB3108d ago

still is silly , weither he like them or not . How can MAG be overhyped ? Most people found it ugly from the very first videos and expected it to tank .

Instead it was a decent performer so far .

mikepmcc3108d ago

"Anyone who doesn't dig MAG has probably played Battlefield".


In all seriousness though man, don't invalidate people's opinions like that.

Montrealien3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

well, I will invalidate peoples opinions if I want to, and the guy that wrote this crap has an invalid opinion, in my opinion.

Anyone who thinks of the head line first, and the story second....fails.

ThanatosDMC3108d ago

He must suck at aiming in MAG. You know, when there's little aim assist. Yup, there's a little aim assist in MAG when you scope with your iron sights. After 100+ hrs on it, i just noticed it.

mikepmcc3108d ago

So you're literally saying it's impossible to not like MAG if you've played it. Unbelievable. This isn't Mario 64 or Uncharted 2 we're talking about here, it's a mediocre game that people are allowed to dislike. I'm not saying it's wrong for you to like it, but it's not that great of a game to defend that unreasonably.

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ViciousBoston3108d ago

How is LBP on that list? It lived up to what they said. It wasn't overhyped at all. Millions still play LBP daily.

Darkstorn3108d ago

This is about HYPE, not whether or not the game delivers.

N4BmpS3108d ago

Whether game delivers or not helps in weighing it to see if it's over hyped or a let down. So he's pretty much justified in his comment.

tiamat53108d ago

Add Splinter Cell Conviction to that list