Capcom released a new Lost Planet 2 Trailer

Capcom just released a new trailer for Lost Planet 2-THE FINAL EPISODE trailer (PS3,PC,Xbox 360)

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Convas3107d ago

I ... I haven't seen a trailer this Epic in a long time. Since Visari's "Children of Helghan" Speech, nothing has been able to send chills up my spine like that.

Damn. I may just have to but this.

Excalibur3107d ago

Man LP2 is looking mighty frikin' sweet!!!

Christopher3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

*looks at what everyone else has said about the trailer*

*wonders what's wrong with him since he didn't see much to scream or cause himself to go and pre-order the title at all*

Sorry, I have no clue what people are seeing in it. Story looks very weak, gameplay looks like what we normally get, didn't focus enough on the big boss battles at all, and graphics/environments did not look appealing at all in that trailer.

ThanatosDMC3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Got two copies waiting for me when it's out... damn, thing better be everything i want with extremely long lasting co-op hours. They had better fix the team deathmatch lobby waiting.

I really wish more devs would copy how they made the VSs in Lost Planet... imagine it in Warhawk or whatever... 256???

Anon73493107d ago

That didn't even feel as half as a epic as the varari's speech nor did feel the level of MGS...

I felt like I watched a different trailer than everyone else. Although I'll admit the last 30 seconds were awesome.

I'm defiantly buying the game though, the demo sold me a long time ago.

Darkfiber3107d ago

@ cgoodno

This game isn't about the story. It's Monster Hunter with guns. It's about taking down huge bugs in big elaborate set pieces and collecting loot. The game is closer to MMO instances than to Gears of War. This kind of shooter has never really been done before.

Dave13513106d ago

The demo came out way to early! it made me want the game for months. cant wait!

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Halo3 MLG Pro3107d ago

OMG. That was serious. Capcom is bringing it full speed this year with this, Dead Rising 2, and SSF4. Whew! To much gaming this year.

RedPawn3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yes it does, yes it does, also just pre-ordered Red Dead today

I would love to see a Warhawk style game w/the LP franchise, 16 vs 16 & destructible environments.

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