Crysis 2 Picture Packs Now Available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Steadily building anticipation for one of this year's biggest videogame releases, Electronic Arts and Crytek have today released a series of Crysis 2 GamerPics on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Available now and priced at 80 Microsoft Points per pack, each of the two packs available offers Xbox 360 the chance to display their interest in Crysis 2 as a badge-of-honour on Xbox LIVE.

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BeaArthur3109d ago

Boycotting this game unless it is spectacular (meta over 90). Taking cheap shots at my favorite games is not a way to endear yourself to my wallet. Especially when your first game wasn't perfect.

kevco333109d ago

Seems to me like their taking cheap shots at your wallet... GamerPics six months before release? Yeah, sure guys. Sure.