SEGA Add to PSN Essentials Spring Sale Line-Up

SEGA has today added a number of new titles to their warmly received PSN Essentials Spring Sale. Launched back in late March, the PSN Essentials Spring Sale continues to offer a number of top-tier PlayStation Portable titles at a greatly reduced price, as well as PlayStation 3 downloadable content (DLC) and some ports of classics Mega-Drive games.

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vhero4182d ago

Shame Crazy taxi is for PSP only :( Would love DC port to PS3. Ah well will have to wait for E3 hope we get the... Oh almost let it slip there :).

saint_john_paul_ii4182d ago

sega, how about brining out-run to NA. seriously, the lack of PSN store support from these devs are stupid.

kevco334181d ago

I picked up Gunstar Heroes in this. Already got it on about for systems, but come on - It's Gunstar Heroes for £2.39!!!