Everybody knows Nintendo is big, but do you know how big?

Anybody who's ever touched a video game knows the name "Nintendo." As a matter of fact, it's almost safe to say that everybody knows the name "Nintendo," period. Still, even though most can agree that Nintendo is quite the impressive company, very few realize just how dang impressive they really are. Check out this great compilation of Nintendo statistics and facts which will leave your jaw on the floor.

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Myst3198d ago

As big as VY Canis Majoris!

Anyway being serious for a moment, wow! Nintendo has certainly done a lot. I still need to buy a DS though and get a few games of which most will probably be licensed by Nintendo...

Icyhot3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Haven't owned a Nintendo system this gen and probably won't. I owned a GBA a few years back when Pokemon was the 'in' thing, but that was the only game I played on it lol.

Besides, Nintendo bigger than Sony!!! That must be some sort of mistake (or might be referring to Sony game division).. Sony has a lot more divisions apart from the gaming division including many Movie studios, TV, Laptops, Walkman's.....

OMG just read 235 Mario GAMES!!!!!!! Lol now that is what I call milking.235!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!

Montrealien3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I agree Icyhot, Sony is bigger then nintendo, probably compared to Sony games division.

but what you call milking, a normal rational human being calls succesfull, way to downplay one of gamings biggest franchises success. What is your gain on this, why would you want to do that? And yes, when you where a kid, pokemon was the in thing for you, but guess what, there are still kids, and it is still very popular among them, for them its new, just like mario. crazy stuff eh?

Icyhot3198d ago

Come on Montrea.... I wasn't downplaying Mario (I love that guy, it was my 1st game on a nintendo system back in the 90s), I was just pointing out at the number and laughing since we here put down game into milking list if it's in it's 4th or 5th iteration.. 235 is a HUGE number. I doubt even aliens have made an appearance in 235 games lol.

I even loved Pokemon. Really addictive stuff that. I still get hooked up on it on my friends DS, but it doesn't seem to be a worth while investment now just to buy a Pokemon game. I would rather save up money for the later onslaught of games this year. It seems like a fad always in fashion.

Montrealien3198d ago

I am in a weird spot for pokemon, I was 20 when it hit the shelves, so for me, it has always been a kid thing. Now, many of the kids that grew up with it are adults, and new kids are discovering Pokemon everyday, like you did.

mrv3213198d ago

Considering Nintendo has had the most system of any game company it's not too surprising, I bet you they count Mario cameos as well.

235 may seem like a lot, but when your including cameos it's not too large.

Pokemon is probably the least kid game on the planet, it is effectively dog fighting without blood.

Nintendo is just one of those companies you don't see much of and assume is tiny, like Bethesda or Insomniac.

LoVeRSaMa3198d ago

Nintendo is no doubt-idly the most historical gaming company I just didnt like the Wii all other consoles were the best, its a shame, perhaps next gen a little more hardcore so they can melt my heart again :D

bioshock12213198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

@Icyhot no Nintendo is bigger than Sony overall not just the game division. It doesn't matter how many products Sony has compare to Nintendo if they are not successful. I'm not shocked seeing how the Wii is selling same with the DS and how their Software sells.

They also sell toys and have tv shows based on their video games like Pokemon people tend to forget Nintendo does other things other than Video games.

Montrealien3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I don`t get it, how can a company, Sony, which has total assets of over 100 billion dollars, be smaller then nintendo, a company that has 19 billion dollars in assets. sony employs 180k people, and Nintendo emplys 4k...

Sony is bigger.

that chart clearly compared Sony`s gaming division to nintendo. If I am wrong though, I would love to be corrected.

ShinRyuHadoken3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Biiger then SONY? I don't think so. This article numbers is based on what? Fanboys?

ReBurn3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

They're probably talking about company size in terms of market capitalization, not assets. Nintendo's market cap passed Sony's quite some time ago because of the growth Nintendo experienced due to Wii and DS revenues. A larger market cap means that the company is worth more in the market. So, essentially, because of their growth they're more valuable than Sony according to market analysts.

It's a perspective thing.

Montrealien3198d ago

more valuable, sure, but not bigger, thats what I was refering to. Other then that, I think that`s the best explenation I could of had, thanks Reburn.

ReBurn3198d ago

Yeah, I agree with you. Market cap has been a way to measure company "size" for quite a while, but it doesn't really measure size the way we'd normally think of it. It can be very misleading. What's interesting is that all of the size will literally disappear overnight if Nintendo sees a sharp decline in sales revenue. It will also gradually disappear if the year over year growth isn't sustainable.

Makes my head hurt to think about it.

Icyhot3198d ago

No Bioshock1221... As Montrealien stated above if you look at the assets, Sony is the bigger company. The gaming division is where Nintendo looks bigger than Sony mainly cause it's pulling in so much revenue from the Wii and the DS.

Sony owns major Movie studios and publish huge blockbusters which bring in much more revenue than their gaming department. They have their Sony Music studios,Mobile phone market, their TV market, camera market, their Laptop market, They get revenues for DVDs and Blu-Rays, many other electrical products.... On the whole, Nintendo's gaming division is nowhere near the WHOLE of Sony.

Sony is 1 of the biggest giants in the league of M$ and Apple.... Nintendo's only focused on gaming.

RedPawn3198d ago

I do believe more people know Mario over Mickey Mouse as a mascot.

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Montrealien3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

If you are just now realizing how huge nintendo is, and this charts is suprising for you...


I remember arguying in forums in late 90s telling people that even though Sony was the new big dag in town, nintendo was still a huge player, oh how times have changed, the fanboys, not so much, they are still a sad bunch.

Edit: The nintendo Cereal Sytem was good sh*t

Myst3198d ago

I think the reason it is surprising [ at least for me ], is because of other things that I never knew about. Becoming a main stream gamer back in my Freshman year of High school and now 21. Some of this stuff I never knew about such as the fact that they had an opportunity to hire Shigeru Miyamoto.

Montrealien3198d ago

yeah you are right, I should not of come of so hard.

In the end I am just happy more and more people are discovering something I have loved since I was a kid, and I am 31 now so for me, this has been common knowledge.

Omega Zues3198d ago

What happened to the PS1 or the PS2? It only shows the PS3?

ReBurn3198d ago

Doesn't matter. It was talking about best-selling Nintendo system. A piece to honor Nintendo isn't going to show two systems that sold more than Nintendo's best.

But on the other hand...67 million Wii's? Insane! That's some crazy fad!

BannedForNineYears3198d ago

This has been posted on N4G before. -_-

john master lee3198d ago

I'm pretty sure the "size" is based on market cap. And market cap these days can be quite variable lately with how the stock market has been going. 5 years ago, Nintendo's market cap was in the crappy, thanks to the Gamecube. Now they are one of the biggest companies around, and Sony is suffering. That being said, still impressive.

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