5 Reasons Red Dead Redemption Could be the Best Sandbox Game Ever

NextGN writes: "Red Dead Redemption could quite possibly be the best open world sandbox game to ever be made. Even with great games like Grant Theft Auto 4, inFamous and Just Cause 2 out on the market already Red Dead Redemption seems to out-do all these games in every aspect. It borrows the best elements from each game and improved them."

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toaster3135d ago

Number 5 is reason enough for me. There are way too few Wild West games on the market and the few that there are don't do the genre justice. Combine that with Rockstar's touch of brutality and excellent game design and you have a sure winner.

Shaman3135d ago

6.Best graphics in Open world game on consoles EVAH :)

Icyhot3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

7. Biggest Open World game... Just look at the size of this game!!! It's 2wice the size of GTA:SA. Big map= more content.

Shaman3135d ago

Yes its HUGE but its still no Just Cause,still its amazingly big,i dont like map to feel empty,thats no no.

Icyhot3135d ago

Yup, Just Cause 2 is in a league of it's own, but RDR looks to be much more better looking at least from the videos I have seen. Also you must take into account the traveling mechanism. In JC2, you can travel pretty fast with the grappling hook, but in RDR you have to use a horse.. Lol imagine traversing JC2 map on a slow @ss horse... I found SA quiet huge, and so 2wice that means more than enough.

RDR will have some empty deserts, but there are also side missions which you can perform like Hunting for animals and stuff. It's shaping up nicely. I look out for variety in Open World games and the more I see of RDR, the more it impresses me. Please God hopefully this doesn't turn out like GTA4 and lives up to the hype. It's my most anticipated game of Q2.

Montrealien3135d ago

GTA 4 was fine. The problem is that you too cool for school internet kids think the world revolves around forums and comments sections. Many people in the world, that never heard of a forum loved GTA4, they just dont care to yap about it with the internet. But who can blame them? The internet is like this loud kids with fingers in his ears going LAaaaaalaaaaaLAaaaalaaaaaaaa.

/on topic

This game looks amazing.

toaster3135d ago

@ above


We come here to discuss games.. if you don't care to discuss games with us then GTFO and stop complaining. Opinions are like assholes. Everyones got one.

Montrealien3135d ago

rofl, so what you are saying is I can discuss games, but not the people I dissagree with, about games? interesting concept there champ.

Icyhot3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Sorry Montr..... Still don't like GTA4. Too repetitive, movements feel sluggish, graphics don't look great, car control was horrible and the city itself was too congested (granted it was NY, but I could never step on to the gas without bumping into something.. And the car controls were soooo horrible.). I am a huge GTA fanboy, but still I can't stand in support of the game.

It was a step back from GTA:SA which let you create gangs, gang war, territories,customize cars, customize players and a much more bigger map.... GTA4 went in for being too much realistic.. Sometimes you just gotta create games that are fun and just dump some realistic elements out.

Hopefully RDR quenches my thirst for the perfect Open World game.

Montrealien3135d ago

I hear ya Icy, I work with gamers everyday and I know many of my customers that really enjoyed GTA4, I just don`t like the general concensus on the internet that GTA4, or many other games for that matter are bad, when in fact they are good games, that some people found dissapointing, but others really enjoy.

Jihad3135d ago

I think if it has the graphics, the gameplay and the story it could be better than GTAIV. What would be really great is if it had more to do (side missions and the like).

raztad3135d ago

GTA4 was highly overrated. A 9.8 game it is NOT. IMO GTA4 is not even a 9 game. Was the first game I bought for my PS3, bored me to death, still havent finished, inFAMOUS is by far a better game, so to surpass GTA4 wont that much of a problem if they manage to put some fun in RDR.

erathaol3135d ago

Best Western game ever yes but Sandbox? That's an arguable statement to make. As I prefer Fallout 3 in terms of how a Sandbox should be designed. Although its a glitchy horrible mess with bad FPS controls, its still an amazing game to play through and the character/story customization helps prevent repetitions in how you play the game.

Montrealien3135d ago

Red dead redemption`s free roam is epic multiplayer sandbox erathaol, and yes the multiplayer makes it, imho, the best sandbox game, or at least, it seems like it, we will only know for sure once we play it.

erathaol3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )


I really dig the Free Roam feature but again it doesn't just give it a free ride for the best Sandbox ever just by having a good MP. There are people out there like me who prefer different sandbox types that Red Dead Redemption is no were near being like.

You have people out there that prefer the Superhero. These people play games like Spider-man/Hulk/Prototype/inFA MOUS/Crackdown because they can run around doing whatever the please without a care in the world.

You have people who prefer the Self-made Hero. These people play Fallout 3/Oblivion/Fable/Knights of the Old Republic who like creating their own characters and influencing the story in their own way.

You have the God Among Men Hero. Who is like the Superhero only he can destroy everything. These people play Just Cause 2/Red Faction Guerrilla/Mercenaries/Battlefi eld: Bad Company. Pretty much really big destructible environments that the player goes around just messing everything up.

Than you have the Story Hero. The one you follow and see what happens when it happens. GTA/Mafia/The Godfather/Saints Row and Red Dead Redemption. Main Missions and Side Missions you have to do as the game progresses.

Red Dead Redemption falls more into the Story Hero in single player which limits it. Along with Character Customization in MP that you can only choose from a line of selected characters. Clothing being the only thing that makes you stand out differently.

Its a huge step up from GTA IV and any other MP sandbox out there. It just doesn't make it the best sandbox game ever. Again best Western game ever and maybe now best Multiplayer Sandbox game ever after careful analysis. Just not best Sandbox game ever for me.

Official General3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I have to agree with most of the things that Icyhot is saying about GTA 4, except the graphics part. I'll give you my take on it. I don't think GTA 4 is rubbish or anything like that, I still thought it was a very good game. It had very good graphics, effects, animations and very interesting storyline and it was still fun to play. But, I'm a massive GTA fan and I played all the console versions last-gen and I have to say GTA 4 was quite a letdown and it felt like it had regressed instead of progressed, it was missing too many features like Icyhot said. I'm just glad the Episodes are coming out for PS3 as I'm getting that to make up for that letdown.

On topic, I'm really looking forward to Red Dead Redemption. This game just looks incredible the more I see more screenshots of it.I love anything with good ol' Western action, be it be films or books and a really good Western genre game is gonna go down well with me indeed. I played GUN on the PS2 and that was brilliant, although I never finished it (I did get quite far, but by that time I was very interested in upgrading a PS3 so I neglected to spend time on my PS2). I cant wait for Red Dead, believe me on that!

BattleAxe3135d ago

GTA4 was a game that I thought had a great feeling to the city, the shooting mechanics were much improved and it also had a great soundtrack, but the missions were way too repetitive and it got really boring.

mugoldeneagle033135d ago

One of my most anticipated games if you leave out the obvious AAA titles we're going to see (Halo Reach, GT5, etc)

Like others have said, Westerns just haven't gotten the love they deserve, and this seems like it'll really deliver. Can't wait. Might even have to change my name to Doc Holliday or Johnny Ringo.

bjornbear3135d ago

i enjoyed GTAIV but not as much as san andreas, and over all it was a bit of a let down

don't hit me!!!

Skizelli3135d ago

Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. For example, I'd take Burnout Paradise over Fuel any day. I don't want to get ahead of myself and say RDR is the better game, but I definitely think Just Cause 2 got more praise than it deserved.

HolyOrangeCows3135d ago

"6. Rockstar bought out our ad space for the next 2 months"

Don't get me wrong, I think the game will be awesome...but LOOK at this site. I thought I was on the official Red Dead Redemption website or something.

ThanatosDMC3135d ago

I know so little of this game but so many people are talking about it in BC2 and in MAG... if it has co-op, im sold.

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pr0digyZA3135d ago

Dont think it will happen looks just as serious as GTA IV same euphoria engine combined with rage engine so it looks pretty similar in graphics. Ive noticed though that you cant swim in red dead yet ive seen mountains being bordered by rivers, I hope they arent giving the illusion that the maps are big but putting rivers in as a way of invisible borders.

I personally (probably the only one) loved GTA IV as much as SA they both appealled to me in different ways. I had some awesome times with both, Red dead is looking to be my perfect game infact it is my number one anticipated followed by alan wake. Wild west games dont come out very often so I always grab them games like gun,call of juarez etc... are awesome. Bring on red dead.

AliTheBrit193135d ago

This game looks INCREDIBLE

Day 1 buy.

Fishy Fingers3135d ago

Looks amazing! The online free roam is going to be something special.

Kratos Spartan3135d ago

will eat up most of my summer, more than likely. I see hundreds of hours in this game. Dammit I was gonna tan this year too. :-(

BeaArthur3135d ago

I'm excited because it's basically what GTA4 should have been. GTA4 was so restrictive as far as entertaining things to do outside of the main story. I can only play darts and see the same comedy acts so many times.

As far as the multiplayer, it looks amazing. Just the idea that you can upgrade your horse is reason enough for me to be really interested.

Montrealien3135d ago

I think its more what Red Dead revolver should of been. I remeber playing GuN after Red Dead Revolver and I kept thinking to myself, if only Gun had Red Dead`s atmosphere.

Now I think we finally got it, a great open world Western, with the spagetti western feel, it catn come soon enough for me.

BannedForNineYears3135d ago

We'll see if it beats Just Cause 2 ^_^.
Most likely will.

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