PS3 won't get 3D Blu-ray support this summer

Sony has announced that its 3D firmware update which is being piped to its latest range of Blu-ray players and the PlayStation 3 will not make the PS3 compatible with upcoming 3D Blu-rays.

Instead, the update will ready the console for 3D games, of which there will be four in June.

The four titles coming out in a 3D flavour are: Wipeout HD, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, PAIN and Super Stardust HD.

The PlayStation 3 will eventually get 3D Blu-ray compatibility but this is to come in the form of another firmware update later in the year.

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spongeboob3109d ago

That is fine with me since i don't plan on getting a 3D TV until the prices come down and more media is available so probably a couple years.

BeaArthur3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Yeah really, there is currently 1 3D movie available. Don't care.

fr0sty3109d ago

This news is as old as CES... geez you guys are LATE to the party!

2Spock3109d ago

Bought a Samsung LCD about year and half ago and bought a projector end of last year. It will be a while before i upgrade again, unless it becomes very cheap.

van-essa3108d ago

Just bought a $3000 52V10 in November last year, it's going to be a while before I upgrade as well.

Hideo_Kojima3108d ago

1. I will not have a 3d TV by this summer... not until I can get a 32" for under £800-700.

2. This is Sony I am used to them delaying everything:
PS3 in Europe
PSN movies in Europe

As long as it works well I am fine with it being late.

Anon19743108d ago

Full color, 3D media is something I thought I wouldn't see in my lifetime and it's the holy grail of gaming as far as I'm concerned.

That being said I've a brand new baby and I've gone back to school. 3D will have to wait at least a year, unfortunately. Should be more media available by that time anyway.

ELite_Ghost3108d ago

actually 2 movies but still lol

As long as it gets it by early 2011 I'll be happy :)

Automat3108d ago

what happened to burnout paradise`? that game has been showed off several times in 3d... knowing them right it will be another free update i guess.. :)

Neo6043108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

most of the time Sony are aiming at rich ass early adapters first.
Still eventaully ps3 will be capable 3D player.

nextgen start when Sony say so, unless someone tell me who else.

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Marty83703109d ago

Sony should aim to have 3D Blu-ray support for PS3 Firmware just before 'Avatar 3D' releases, believe it's in November.

JustTheFactsMr3109d ago

Last time I looked Games are on Blu-ray and it is getting a summer update for them.

Better headline would be something like

PS3 will get 3D Movie update later in the year.

WildArmed3109d ago

Yeah i think Sony already said that. Misleading indeed.
They said Game support soon, and MOvie support to follow

Not that i care about 3d, i'm not buying a 3dtv..
but i thought sony said in feb we'd get a update for 3d.

Well I hope the update brings more than just 3d to the table. I love new features that i can use.. I dont wanna update for a useless feature (atleast to me).

I want to experience 3D, it sounds amazing.. but it just isn't financially possible for most peopel

BBAM3109d ago

Though wouldn't mind Motorstorm PR, Wipeout HD and super stardust HD in 3D so not all that bad.
Guess it depends on the price of the TVs when they come out whether I'll buy straight away or wait until the update to make compatible with 3D Blu-ray films.

CorporateClown3108d ago

Although only 4 games is kind of lame, I can't really think of any games that would be more intense in 3d than wipeout or motorstorm. My dad is planning on picking up a 3d tv so I'll have to bring over pacific rift to rock our face off!

keysy4203109d ago

they said that along time ago it was a later update

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