Should 'Gears' Contain More Horror Elements?

RespawnAction: " There is no doubt that the Gears of War series is a superb, immersive action shooter. The level of detail in the world, environments, creatures, and pretty much everything else is a treat for the eyes, and this level of detail pulls you in to the experience even more. But there was always something that I felt was missing from the game, and something that I believe could've made the series that much better. Horror. Horror is an element that could've made the Gears of War series even more of a benchmark and icon in the genre than it already is. The reason I say that it is missing is due to two things."

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playstation_clan3112d ago

the only horror is the lackluster online play

not a fanboy comment :)

respawnaction3112d ago

good luck with that one from the community

jesuisankit3112d ago

I feel yaa.. Locust are in fact kinda those boogey men. I would definitely like to see some more horror elements.. the one in that abandoned factory were they were experimenting on locust had a nice horror touch

respawnaction3112d ago

the abandoned factory was a good one. Now if they sort of expanded on it a bit more... :), but with actual war as well, not just slow paced liked that one.

JustinSaneV23112d ago

I agree about the multiplayer (at least in the first game).

Single player was great though and I think it would be awesome if they threw in a little more "horror".

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respawnaction3112d ago

I have no idea how this is spam. It is a question that I feel I made a nice point about. Not saying you guys will agree, but when you think about the series from it's conception it makes some sense. I just thought it would make some people think about it and bring some responses to it.

CoffeewithChess3112d ago

I've only played the first Gears of War, and I didn't play it much.
It was a friends copy, I helped him beat the final level/boss fight, and we played a little of multi-player.

When the sequel was released, I heard a lot of people complaining about the online play in it, though I don't know much about the single-player campaign.

respawnaction3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

You should replay the entire series, it is pretty good, especially in co-op.

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