Quantic Dream Asked to Censor Heavy Rain's Stormiest Scenes

PSLS writes:

Heavy Rain is well known for its compelling decision-driven gameplay which helps to bring a sense of reality to many of the games scenes, even scenes featuring explicit or extremely violent content. An ex-member of Quantic Dream has revealed that Sony actually asked Quantic Dream to tone down particular scenes, due to overwhelming violence or excessive nudity.

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Simon_Brezhnev3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

i doubt they will ever release a patch for the uncensored violent parts or w/e. I doubt U.S. even gets it probably Europe.

Ive been practicing blazblue continuum shift ima be nice with hazama but bang, tager, hakumen are true beast now lol

midgard2273110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

that wud be retarded if they censored it after it was released lol.

and would if they did that for europe then they might import it then.

......u whooped me in BB lol, i have to say that perfect i got off u was part luck due to lag lol


u been playin continuem???????? or did i read that wrong lol.
lol ur bang is good, tho u shud fight my little brothers....13 hit combos are the norm for him lol. i'll match u two up one day.

cant wait for U-12, and to see what thhey do to noel. oddly i think that making her special half circle forward will make it easier to me than downforward (X2) lol

ps3gamerkyle3110d ago

Interesting. Why censor a game post-release?

Automat3110d ago

tits and guns... where's the pu88y action?

user94220773110d ago

That's highly unlikely to happen. Although the guy in the interview does mention that there could be an cut version coming out in the future.

midgard2273110d ago

and here comes the random xbox fanboys, with no games to play or no more news about gears 3 they come to give disagrees and take bubbles.....well bubbles to u 2 guys to counter them :D

jeseth3110d ago

Don't be surprised by offensive/gruesome content from a game you aren't allowed to buy unless you are an ADULT.

Some people. . . .

doctorstrange3110d ago

As it is, I loved it exactly how it is

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