Gears of War 3's 5 "Must Fixes" (multiplayer)


The Fact: Gears of War 3 will be out in April 2011.

The Problem: Epic has had major issues with the multiplayer in Gear's games. So much so, that many hardcore fans have quit playing due to sheer frustration.

The Solution: Read these 5 well thought out answers by Kombo staffer and Gears fanatic, Tony DaSilva.

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Mo0eY3112d ago

I think there are more than just five needed fixes:

Echo3073112d ago

The idea of having a chainsaw-less playlist greatly interests me.

I'm sure there are others that would also like to see a shotgun-less playlist.

vickers5003112d ago

They missed the most important one. Do away with matchmaking completely and send it back to the original gears style of a server list.

FantasyStar3112d ago

I remember watching that. Great editing.

ShadowCK3111d ago

"It's not long in any match before someone utters the words, "Well, I found the host!" The player that has been gifted as being host is for lack of a better word, Superman."


Anyway, While I agree with most of the article, I disagree with removing the chainsaw altogether. I've played alot of Gears of war 2 matches recently and anyone who attempts to chainsaw someone is ususally greeted with a shotgun blast or a spray of bullets.

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Blaze9293112d ago

Ditch matchmaking.
Do a multiplayer beta.
No lag.
No connection timeout errors.
Do a multiplayer beta.

'Nuff said.

GameGambits3112d ago

5 things? There's only 2 NEEDED and the rest are just things people WANT. Voice off on the two NEEDS.

1) Open public beta test.
2) Dedicated Servers.

Result? Glitchless, lagless, and most awesome online third person game you'll ever have played and can tell your grand kids about.

-MD-3112d ago

Better matchmaking and online service overall
Shotgun reworkings
lancer needs a damage buff
Remove smoke/concussion combo

That's all I can think of.

GameOn3112d ago

Last time I played it, it seemed like they had completely removed the smoke stun.

Idle h4nds3112d ago

Yeah smoke stun is gone has been for awhile.

-MD-3112d ago

Oh that's good, I haven't played Gears in a long time.

tehReaper3112d ago

I don't know if it was a glitch or what but my friend wanted me to play wingman the other day. I don't normally play that mode but we noticed smoke grenades were knocking us down. I don't know if its just on wingman or what but it didn't happen on any other mode.

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Greywulf3112d ago

When its broken, unbalanced, and unplayable.

AAA must mean something different for 360 games.

Short Campaign & Broken online?

Idle h4nds3112d ago

I wouldn't call the campaign short. It's about average for games these days 7-9 hours.

As for the MP it's a lot of fun when you have a good host and "unplayable" is a laughable exaggeration.

Idle h4nds3112d ago

I know it sucks but an easy way to get around losing points for leaving or waiting for the match to be over is to just unplug the ethernet cord from the back of the box or if you're wireless unplug the router. I did this many times with the time I spent with gears 2 bc some games really were un-playable do to lag.

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