Bullet Witch gameplay

A short gameplay video of Bullet Witch showing the physics engine in action, and one of the super powers. It seems to move and look better than we thought it would.

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JPomper4564d ago

That actually looks pretty cool. I like that lightning power attack. Badass gun, too.

SDS Overfiend4563d ago

Looks good but the Graphics need to be touch up a bit and the camera need to panned-out a little more.

PS360PCROCKS4563d ago

sds it looks AWESOME and I love this game, come to AMERICA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

keeshee4560d ago

this look sad she stands there out in the open getting blasted to s#it and the guys being shot at just stand in one place not even taking cover what the hell this game needs serious help this is far from "awsome".