Matchmade in Heaven: Halo 2's Xbox LIVE Legacy writes: "'Errrm, hey, guys?' crackled an unmistakable Western American accent through my Xbox headset – one of the 15 multinational dialects I'd soon be taking trash from in the post-game lobby. 'Could y'all say what's up to my 'lil bro? He doesn't believe this is real.'

It may seem daft in an age where '20 million people are doing it' on Modern Warfare 2, but weeks after launch in November 2004, that was exactly the response elicited by Halo 2's staggering online multiplayer suite."

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playstation_clan3107d ago

I find the newest versions are just milking this franchise

BeaArthur3107d ago

It's what got me into console multiplayer.

Major Kanimo3107d ago

same dude the first online console game i ever had or played was halo 2, I have been hooked since then :D

3107d ago
mcgrawgamer3107d ago

same here beaArthur. I'm hoping bungie with Reach can catch that success in a bottle again.

edit- boondocks season 3 may 2nd

TheRedTerror3107d ago

Halo 2 was a lot of fun with a few friends split screening. Too bad i never owned an xbox lol. Don't know how many hours i put into this game.

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