PS3 3D Update in June

As part of a press release published today, Sony have announced that it's popular Playstation 3 Games console will be receiving 3D compatanility via a software update sometime before their 3DTVs hit the market in June.

The new range of Bravia 3D TVs will be available to buy in June ahead of the World Cup. In order to make the TVs even more appealing than they already are, the PS3 will become 3D ready so that it will be able to play brand new 3D Blu-ray titles and 3D games that will also hit the market shortly beforehand.

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Dellis3134d ago

Worthless, about 100 percent of the PS3 owners don't even have 3DTVs

so what is the point?

Nineball21123134d ago

It's hardly worthless. Wouldn't you think the people who buy one of the new TV's with 3D capability might like their PS3's to be able to, you know, actually PLAY the 3D games available at that time.

Granted, it will probably be a low adoption rate in the beginning, but they have to update the PS3's to allow the games to work.

Also, the blu-ray movie capability won't be updated until later in the year.

MexicanAppleThief3134d ago

I hope we get extra features with this firmware. 3D is way to expensive for me.

NYC_Gamer3134d ago

i'm not buying any 3dtv until its cheaper and we dont need glasses to view...

pete27113134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I got a really cheap 3Dtv,

Called a window.....