What Happens To An Xbox 360 Game With Long Loading Times?

Kotaku: In Japan, it languishes in the discount bin. Long load times means cheap prices.

RadientFlux5181d ago

Poor Development/Port = Poor Sales

TotalPS3Fanboy5181d ago

They should have just focus on the PS3 version and do not even do a 360 version in the first place. I guess they learned their lesson.

NMC20075180d ago

That is how I felt about Sega and the PS3 version of Bayonetta, and then I thought to myself, boy that's an @sshole way of thinking, they should have put more effort into the damn thing they want people to spend their bucks on.

livinwitbias5180d ago

Isn't there wii and DS games in there also? Hmm, sounds like some lame a$$ fanboy BS to me.

Natsu X FairyTail5181d ago

wow such a bad port. I would of got the PS3 version aswell.

playstation_clan5180d ago

loading times is a big for impatience gamers

GiantEnemyCrab5180d ago (Edited 5180d ago )

Thanks for the heads up.. More garbage from Japan.. Will be sure to tell everyone I know to skip this when it hits the US. Like a game like this has any chance of great sales in NA anyway.

5180d ago
GiantEnemyCrab5180d ago (Edited 5180d ago )

Wow, you are really a sharp one aren't you!

At least you admit the game is garbage.

Didn't think we had Hokuto Musou/Fist of the Northstar fanboys here. You must sit when you pee as well.. missy

Sunny_D5180d ago

Crab, you seem to say that the Japanese are xenophobic, yet you are showing your true colors by saying everything that Japan makes is garbage. Hmmm, I'd rather take a Japanese car over an American car anyday. Oh, and also who is ahead in the technology department? Thought so. What was the first real gaming console you had? Was it from JAPAN??? Yeah, maybe you should shut your trap and think before saying something racist and you won't be so much of a hypocrite.

GiantEnemyCrab5180d ago (Edited 5180d ago )

Are you kidding me? I didn't attack the Japanese people so don't for a second call me Xenophobic. I buy a TON of Japanese products and I've never said anything different. I've actually got several Japanese family members and even they admit to the Xenophobia in certain provinces and especially in the elder generation.. so F U and your racist accusation. You don't know me so don't pretend too after reading some comments on a video game site Sunnyd.

Port after port coming from Japan has been garbage on the 360 as of lately. PS3 fans are some of the most insulting I've ever seen twords devs who push out crap ports on that system. Why can't we make the same complaints about 360 ports? You want to talk about hypocrisy?

Did you read the story? The load times are horrible to the point of "embarrassing". That is garbage.

EDIT: Yes, now disagree and crawl back in your hole.

Slimshadyn5180d ago

See the problem with your comment Mr. Crabs is that you implied that the game was not any good. The article has nothing to do with whether the game was good or bad, it simply states that 360 version has very slow loading times and because of it the game isn't selling. Its simply saying if you have both systems probably go for the ps3 version over the 360 version, not that its More garbage from Japan.

GiantEnemyCrab5180d ago (Edited 5180d ago )

Slim: Then I should of said more garbage PORTS from Japan then. I won't digress into talking about FFXIII here but another example. The screen shot fakery by Square to attempt to falsely represent the game to 360 owners..

These devs say "the games are the same" and we all pay $60 on consoles. It was/is not right when it happens to the PS3 and the same to the 360. Extremely long load times will kill a game, especially a game like this. Have you played it? It's not just the load times but the color is washed and is a jaggy mess with bad framerate and tearing on the 360 ie GARBAGE.


Slimshadyn5180d ago

Even if the game isn't as good on 360 as it is on PS3 that's not what this article was about. No, I haven't played the game, but I wasn't the one saying this game was garbage though. Like I said, the article is saying if you have both systems the PS3 version has better loading times. This article isn't about Japanese game ports. Its about the slow loading times on this one particular game on the 360.

livinwitbias5179d ago

We all ready the article, not need for a breakdown of what the article say. Now that that's out of the way, what exactly is you point?

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ClownBelt5180d ago

You know, games like this and Bayoneta should be exclusive.

alphakennybody5180d ago

I think MS had a saying in it, just like sony with bayonetta. Games like this with a strong anime followers will surely move some hardware to those who like the anime but don't have a console yet. Especially in Japan.

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