Ubisoft's Pete Closs on Splinter Cell: Conviction

Critical Gamer writes: Pete Closs is one of the main points of contact UK blogs such as us have with Ubisoft. When he introduced himself at last week's Splinter Cell Conviction community event in Reading with a proffered hand for shaking, Luke had to admit that both of his were caked in pizza debris. Pete reacted by giving a friendly wave from a few feet away.

Despite this less than ideal introduction, the depressingly young Pete (Luke had been dragged kicking and screaming into his thirties just three days previously) was more than happy to give Critical Gamer an impromptu interview.

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scruffy_bear3112d ago

Nice interview, not long till the EU launch.

mjolliffe3112d ago

Got mine today from Pete himself :D

scruffy_bear3112d ago

Looking forward to it :) send me the link once its up

Ve3tro3112d ago

Pete's a great guy, met him on a few occasions.

Cubes3112d ago

Good interview. Looks like a good evolution for the franchise that was much needed.

scruffy_bear3112d ago

Yeah it seems to be a step in the right direction for the series

DemonStration3112d ago

Great interview!

Man I'm on Splinter Cell overload. I've been playing Chaos Theory all week, before the Xbox 1 support is gone, and a sealed copy of Conviction was just taunting me the last two days.

scruffy_bear3112d ago

Cant wait for Splinter Cell: Conviction

Pidgeridoo3112d ago

Awesome interview, nice to hear that Ubisoft are thinking about Red Steel 2 on the PS3

scruffy_bear3112d ago

Yeah a lot of great questions :)