iPad 'Radically Changes' Players' Relationship with Games, says Neil Young

IG: When you look at what the iPhone has done in terms of mainstream acceptance, how do you see the iPad rolling out in terms of attracting mainstream gamers?

NY: I think it's going to take a while. I think that the initial [sales] are really a function of a very core base of users. At a certain point, things fall into the norm of, "Okay, how many households need this?" "How much do each of the devices cost?" "Where are they on their life cycle in terms of first generation, second generation, third generation?" The iPhone has gone through three generations. The iPod Touch has gone through three generations. Both devices have grown to that 75 million unit installed base phase. We certainly don't expect the iPad to have as fast a take-up in terms of unit sales as the iPhone or the iPod Touch had.

We think ultimately, it can occupy a space in the home that puts its arms around the laptop, or the netbook in particular, and home video game consoles. My guess is this will be used as a multi-purpose device. If you're a netbook manufacturer, you have to be concerned. If you're the third place video game console manufacturer, I think you have to be concerned as well.

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