Crackdown 2 to Use the Power of Project Salzburg

Crackdown 2, Xbox 360's upcoming open world third-person shooter, will be using the power of Microsoft's Project Salzburg.

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Wizziokid3107d ago

I've ever hear about this, but it sounds interesting

Rainstorm813107d ago

Maybe its like how Comcast changed their name to Xfinity.

thereapersson3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )


Okay, I see it's a procedurally-generated audio manipulation system, based upon what is happening on screen.


no_more_trolling3107d ago


read the article

n4g is filled with little mined people who don't like to read

Christopher3107d ago

Meh, in-game equalizer essentially which has been done in many other games already. For example, bullet sounds going from real-time to slow-mo in games like Max Payne used the same technology to extend and reverb the sound of bullets being fired from a gun.

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ape0073107d ago

??, sounds good, anyway Im looking forward to this game,had tons of fun in the first one and even thought it's very underrated

omg too many games

edhe3107d ago

It's only underrated by those who didn't play it.

GenerationWinner3107d ago

more crying from the droids hihi.

Aphe3107d ago

'Microsoft Research’s Project Salzburg can generate a procedural model from a single audio clip and apply perturbations at variation from a single model. This means it can actually change sound files according to what happens in the game world at a certain moment. Pretty amazing stuff.'

Can anyone explain exactly what that means?

hay3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

More or less it means that it can alter single audio clips, transform it dynamically and output alteret result.
Simple example would be gunshot. One audio file, but Project Salzburg can add echo on the fly when shot in large metal container, distortion when under water etc. Maybe we'd have real silencer gunshot sounds in games at last.

Procedural generation FTW.

8thnightvolley3107d ago

nice explanation hay.. bubbles up ..;)

RadientFlux3107d ago

I'm guessing that means the game can change/add sound effects to any audio clip in real time.

For example your listening to a conversation and you decided to submerge yourself underwater. Once your submerged the audio track is changed to make it sound like listening to the conversation under water.

It will be interesting to test out this technology once the game arrives in July.

Aphe3107d ago

Ah thanks, I thought it was something along those lines but wasn't too sure. Sounds pretty cool.

edhe3107d ago

Think of creative's EAX i guess. Applying sound filters to the audio. But this sounds more advanced than just echos/treble/bass/flange & pitch stuff.

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Michael-Jackson3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

...It's only possible by making this game look like a PS2 game, HAHA!

In other news, features also include
-lots of low polygon enemies

All jammed on one disc.

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