WoW: purchase ingame mount for real money as the pet store expands

Leaked information revealed that the Pet Store for World of Warcraft is going to expand. So far Blizzard only offered non combat companions which didn't influence the actual gameplay. Now it seems players will be able to purchase a unique flying mount for real money which does impact gameplay as it speeds up ingame travelling time.

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Chris3993134d ago

Micro-transactions are the way of the future. I guess they're just waiting until the player base starts to seriously wane.

Ironfungus3134d ago

Lol, I'm not really sure they're concerned about that. Their "Project Hydra" MMORPG would likely replace WoW if WoW ever actually died off.

atticus143134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

what incentive is there to make the game free to play, when millions still accept the subscription method and buy into the micro-transactions at the same time. When this many people are bending over you keep on ramming, free to play is a desperation move to gobble up as much money as possible before you close the doors - or for games that don't cost a lot to operate.

I think Blizzard has finally said enough with trying to look like the good guy when they have probably the hottest IP going, and are going to start going crazy with DLC - if MW2 can get away with $15 DLC for 5 maps, Blizzard has to feel like they can charge 60 for cataclysm and pump out similar $10-15 DLC, I think they are saying the hell with it and just going to exploit the subscribers who are ready and willing with lube in hand.

WoW itself will carry on for a long time after the SWToR release and probably still be more successful, but they'll probably lose a ton of people that will never come back, it's best to squeeze them dry while they are still aboard/addicted/interested - and this is their last chance to do so.

+ Theres already evidence that Blizzard is heading down the road of activision morality/greed... Diablo 3 pre-orders are showing up as 60, the article about a b-net sub price, Star-craft becoming 3 games - and boundless DLC just waiting to come out for all those games.

And in not saying the games will be bad, but as a gamer that is no longer in HS/college - I have no reason to subscribe to multiple games, as I simply dont have the time to commit to them to make it worth my subscription.

Seraphim3134d ago

yep and there it is. $25 F'n Cold hard cash for that stupid ass mount! went live and is on the site. What a rip!

chak_3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I smell activision here.

they'll fvcking kill the game being that greedy.

moe843134d ago

Get off the Activision hate wagon already. They have nothing to do with this sort of deal. It's either all on Blizz, or Vivendi.

moe843134d ago

I see nothing wrong with this. It's an item to be used in game that has no affect on combat. It's just a mount. As long as the price doesn't go beyond $10-$20 USD it'll sell like hotcakes. Fairly cheap price to pay for a "unique" mount that all characters made on the account will receive.

Frodosmugins3134d ago

This will not have any impact on gameplay because if the site done its research they would see that even though the mount looks epic not even new players who might own this mount will get most out of it because the speed depends on what flying licences you have learnt (3 flying licences in totall).
And even 310% speed which is max can only be obtained as a reward by doing certin things ingame.

danielle0073134d ago

That's cool, I guess. I got the Blue Proto-Drake from Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, and I think it looks really nice, so I really have no need to have a mount I'd have to pay extra for.

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The story is too old to be commented.