New Microsoft MS Points Structure Is US-Only

Microsoft has confirmed its new Xbox LIVE pricing structure applies to the US only.

We contacted MS to find out if and when the new system would arrive in Europe and were told that Microsoft has no further plans to extend the policy beyond the US.

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Dorjan3108d ago

So have they had the correct price slash too?

-MD-3107d ago

What price slash are you speaking of?

Leord3108d ago

Come on! :P

400 is better than 500!

ASSASSYN 36o3107d ago

Yeah that's cute. I need 100 points to get what I want not 400.

Maticus3108d ago

Well that sucks... poor Europeans again.

AndyA3108d ago

Disappointing. It's not as if European users are less pissed-off than Americans. Come on MS, do the right thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.