Intel demonstrates game engine with 12 threads

Intel shows at IDF in Beijing a technology demo of the Vision Engine 8 running twelve threads on a Core i7-980X. A Youtube video shows the engine in action. PCGH has more information on the techdemo.

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champ213110d ago

Push the devs to use such powerful cpus. I certainly dont see a point of upgrading anymore if all we are getting are games that barely require a core 2 duo.

chak_3110d ago


plus running a home-made engine on a home made CPU isn't that impressive to me.

I'd like to see GTA run on that baby for exemple. And we all know how hyperthreading sometimes mess up

smurfee3110d ago

But its gonna be a pain to develop a game that utilizes 6 cores, heaps of concurrent programming will be involved.

ChozenWoan3110d ago

Well with all of the experience that developers are getting from working on the PS3, we will see more multi-threading in PC gaming. Just wait till Crytek is done with Crysis 2 and see if they don't start incorporating multi-threading into their game engine.

Kakkoii3107d ago


Look into what DirectX 11 is bringing in terms of multi-threading. Microsoft has made it much easier for developers to implement a good amount of multi-threading into a game.

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cdland3110d ago

So this cpu will be great when the next consols are out and the ported games come to the PC. But maybe this CPU will run a PS3 or Xbox 360 emulator making it cheaper to port games. I don't see IBM offering the Cell chip for there severs anymore... lol. CC :-)

OpenGL3110d ago

I'm doubtful that even with the right software, this CPU would be capable of emulating the PS3's overly complex hardware. The 360 will probably be emulated first, but even that is still years away. By the time PS3 and 360 emulators are feasible, the next generation of consoles will be out and this CPU will be considered old.

fire233110d ago

Emulators require faster cores not more. So it will be a very long time before the 360 or PS3, the PS3 will be especially hard.

jjesso19933110d ago

emulating the 360 or ps3 lol wont happen for long time theres still no emulater for the original xbox ps2 took years to make what iam trying saying console are just getting to hard to make for some guy living up in a basement

SephireX3110d ago

I'd say this CPU is better than that of the next generation consoles. The next consoles won't need that many cores to significantly improve on what we have now so why would console developers go to the expense? The GPU does most of the work anyway and GPUs in pcs nowadays are miles ahead of those in both the 360 and PS3. The ability to change and upgrade the gpu will always give pcs the advantage over consoles and by the time the next generation consoles are out, they will already be outdated by the latest GPUs and CPUs.

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