GFB: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Sean Nagasawa writes: "This is supposed to be Splinter Cell, yet it just doesn't feel like it. This game really is the Super Mario Bros. 2 of this generation, because even though we have a solid title here that is kind of similar to the brand it's named after, it's just not right. Just like Mario looking slightly off in SMB2, Sam looks different. Fans who have been following the journey of Sam Fisher since 2002 on the original Xbox may want to erase any memory of that series. Conviction is a good game, but it's not a Splinter Cell game."

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vgchica3134d ago

"Conviction is a good game, but it's not a Splinter Cell game."

Michael-Jackson3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Splinter Cell Conviction is a good 5 hour game. Then Bye Bye, everyone will forget about this shallow stealth experience.

Lightel0s3134d ago

i like this game its supposed to be a new twist in the series so whats the problem with being diferent? double agent was so boring and repetitive