Splinter Cell: Conviction's First Free DLC Now Available

The first downloadable content for Splinter Cell: Conviction is now available to be unlocked via the EXTRAS menu.

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HolyOrangeCows3107d ago

Feel free to add Spies vs Mercs, Ubisoft.

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geth1gh3107d ago

you remember the day when dlc meant content that the developer actually worked on it after the game had long shipped?

When supposed dlc comes out within a week of the game releasing, free or not, it is NOT dlc. I guess technically it is, but come on.

STK0263107d ago

Well, objectively, DLC means Donwloadable content, which is the case right now. If you argued about when the DLC is actually on the disc, then I'd have to agree with you though.

BRG90003107d ago

Free DLC at this point probably means they didn't have it ready in time for the game to go gold, but didn't want to delay the game. Seems like a great way to handle that situation.

SKUD3107d ago

Free?. Now I know for sure this a joke. You had me going there for a second. LOL. Free.......pfft.

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