This Game Could Redefine Horror

Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil creator), Goichi Suda (No More Heroes), and Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill composer) are busy toiling away on an action horror title that could possibly redefine the horror genre in video games. Bloody-Disgusting discusses its potential, what it could be about, and when we can expect it.

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chak_3161d ago

asian horror never scared me. Don't know why, but when some people shat on themshelves watching the japanese version of ring, I was laughing. litteraly.

that and I'm a little sissy when it comes to more "western horror" ^^

Chris3993161d ago

You want freaky, watch The Descent.

If "creepy" is your take, watch "Afterlife".

The Brits can really put out some glorious horror films.

As far as games go, the first few Silent Hills were generally brilliant and had their share of scares. Siren: BC was pretty fun as well. Personally, I'm looking forward to whatever these folks are working on.

CuddlySandpaper3161d ago

Agreed. The Descent was a fantastic movie, I just wish the creatures looked a little scarier. Haven't seen Afterlife though, but I might now.

I really hope this game is good, but I'm sure it will be. Now we just have to wait until they reveal it, but I fear I'm not patient enough to wait for such an announcement.

Anyone else think this game takes place in the distant future where the line between humans and bloodthirsty machines has blurred forcing you, the son of a chiropractician and a wandering gypsy to avenge your fallen comrades in a war that could ultimately decide the fate of the world? Just a thought.

NewYork2143161d ago

I loved the Descent.hope the sequel will be just as good but seeing how its straight to DVD, im kind of doubting it.

olegb1393160d ago

I love the first one and I love horror movies. Descent 2, however, is just a mindless horror flick. And I truly mean "mindless"; there are things that make absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL in the movie. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

I did however "enjoy" watching it. There's no substance but the gore, the action is pretty good and it does actually continue the story of the 1st one. So I say give it a go, but don't expect much.

rezzah3160d ago

The grudge is way scarier.


What are you talking about, the Asian Horror Films are the most scarier.

Asian Horror >>>> American Horror.

JL3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

First off let me say, don't diss Asia when it comes to horror films. Some of the scariest movies I've seen where from Asia. They do it different than here in the Western world but they do a great job in my opinion. Now I've never seen the Japanese versions of The Ring or Grudge (US versions left such a bad taste in my mouth--horrible movies--that I had no desire to go watch them). Though I do at least here the Japanese version of Ring is a great movie, just not sure I could watch it without thinking of the American version and it ruining it for me. One J-Horror movie I would definitely recommend though is Audition. Pretty disturbing movie. It's not supernatural or ghost story or something like that. But it can be a pretty good mind-f*ck. A good psychological horror. Another suggestion is A Tale of Two Sisters. Cure is another good one.

All in all, on a whole, Asian horror films are better than American horror films. Especially nowadays. There is a reason, afterall, that Hollywood has been all too eager to reproduce them these last several years. What I like about Asian horror films is that they sort of leave it with that old-school horror--psychological horror and tension/suspense, like the way Jaws did back in the day to name one. I mean you know it's a mindf*ck when still to this day people are scared to go in the water because of a movie. My problem with Hollywood horror these days is they traded all that tension and mindf*ck stuff (like Jaws) in for a gorefest and cheap "scares" ( I use "scares" loosely because they're never scary, just some of them are startling).

Anyways, got carried away off topic there. That being said though, I think the horror genre has been fairly neglected lately so a good addition to that genre with be a more than welcome addition. As long as it turns out good. Need some more games that are truly scary.

Edit: Oh....I just realized they describe it as "action-horror" those are never really scary. Maybe this claim that it could redefine the horror genre will stop that trend, but I don't have much faith in an "action-horror".

Halo3 MLG Pro3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

I have to say the best horror comes from outside Hollywood. Hollywood uses to much CGI. Not scary at all. Asia has some very scary ghost movies. Al though they have over used the whole scary girl to death, it still gives me the creep. The original Eye from the Pang brothers is still one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. Movies from France is also on the rise with gory flicks like Martyrs. More torture porn like Hostile than actually scary. Torture porn is on the rise now. Check out movies like The Human Centipede or a movie from Asia that you can find online easy called Grotesque. Actually check this out for free movies....


They have a pretty good selection of free movies.

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arakouftaian3161d ago

i will keep my eye on it!!!


I agree.

Akira one of the best composers.

mijkil3161d ago

This game is definately NOT coming to the wii.

jay23161d ago

OMG the Wii's getting this WHY?

hatchimatchi3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

the wii has more horror themed games than the 360 and ps3.

off the top of my head,

cursed mountain
ju-on: the grudge
resident evil: umbrella chronicles
resident evil: darkside chronicles
resident evil 4
resident evil remake
resident evil zero
fatal frame 4
silent hill shattered memories
dead space extraction
obscure the aftermath

BYE3161d ago

Wait, there's a Ju On game for the Wii? Ju On, the original Japanese film, is the scariest movie I've ever seen. Is the game any good?

hatchimatchi3161d ago

it got horrible reviews, it's like an interactive haunted house.

hatchimatchi3161d ago

This game is gonna be awesome, I really hope they show a trailer at E3

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