IGN: Are Franchises Killing Gaming?

With Modern Warfare 2 now old news, Gears of War 3 on the horizon and Halo: Reach landing in between – you'd think gamers with a love for epics have rarely had it better. You'd be right – but what you might not realize is that these blockbuster games are arriving at the expense of other smaller, less popular titles. What's more, it's beginning to strangle the development scene with an 'only the biggest survive' mentality.

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monkpunk13110d ago

Good franchises arn't killing games, bad re-hashed games are killing gaming.

ipwnall3109d ago

IGN's doing everything they can to get some people to recognize them...

Mista T3109d ago

franchises have always been around, Mega man, Super Mario Bros, etc.

Digitaldude3109d ago

No you are IGN, you are killing gaming :)

raztad3109d ago

Franchises are not killing games, gaming always has been about huge franchises, but poor reviews (as IGN's) do a lot of damage to good and dedicated developers.

BeaArthur3109d ago

raztad...everyone loves to bash IGN. Their reviews aren't any better or worse than any other site/publication. Just because you don't agree with the reviews they give your favorite game doesn't mean they are poor.

EVILDEAD3603109d ago

Is IGN reaching for stories these it THAT bad over there?

Are you honestly trying to pretend that when you have successful new IPS that become fan favorite franchises..that we should stop supporting them?

I laugh at how he only uses games that make the Xbox as examples..Mass Effect 2..Halo Reach..Gears 3..even a nod to Too Human (underrated gem)..

But no mention of God of War 3..Uncharted 2..Killzone 2..Gran Turismo 5...Sony has a long storied history of stretching IPs into franchises..

Not to Mention Nintendo..whose house is built on strong character focused franchises

Did it 'kill' gaming then? Why would it kill it now?

Even the point about Mass effect 2 delaying it's release was silly..can you blame publishers for the business decisions they make?

It's all about the money..ask IGN..didn't they start downsizing would think they would understand


raztad3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )


I guess I'm allowed to have an opinion about other people opinion, am I? I dont like IGN reviews they are full of crap and inconsistencies.

BeaArthur3109d ago

raztad...I'm really curious to hear you elaborate.

Millah3109d ago

Yet IGNs always ratIng these blockbusters and franichises the highest, which just encourages all the average joes who read their site to go out and buy into this stuff. Quite the double standard.

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LordMarius3110d ago

Gee IGN well maybe you shouldn't give into the hype and over score overrated games

BeaArthur3109d ago

I have trouble taking anything you say seriously when you have that no talent hack Justin Bieber as your avatar.

Wizziokid3109d ago

Depends on the franchise in question, COD isn't doing any good.

More original IP's please

voice_of_ reason3109d ago

I agree, more original IPs the better. However, it is the money making franchises such COD, Madden, GeOW, Halo, etc... that allow publishers and developers to take chances on new, unproven IPs. If the 'big' franchises fail, then I think we would be less likely to see riskier innovation in a new IP. I see games like Madden and COD as necessary evils in order to allow for innovation with a new IP.

And from a gaming perspective, I like annual franchises. They are nice reliable games I can play in between the lulls of the big exclusives I'm waiting for--such as The Last Guardian or Agent.

hatchimatchi3109d ago

Original IP's are always nice but franchise titles are fine as long as they aren't rushed out on a yearly basis, i'm looking at you activision. That's exactly how franchises get run into the ground. It pays off more in the end when developers take their time with franchise titles instead of milking them. The games get better scores/sales and the developing studio gets more respect from the gaming community.

drzmvp5543109d ago

whats killing the game industry are those lazy developers that dont take full advantage of consoles and greedy devs

Ult iMate3109d ago

..and also biassed game reviews ofcourse.

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