This is how Project Natal Camera Sees the Player - Shaky Cam Video

Microsoft Israel R&D Center had their yearly Think Next convention yesterday, where Dr. Ilan Spillinger, Microsoft VP Hardware and Technology, showcased a live presentation of Project Natal on stage. This is how Project Natal's camera sees you while you play games.

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green3111d ago

Actually recognizes your gender. Impressive.

whateva3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

that's a good sign.

edit: PS-Eye recognizes your gender too it's all software.

young juice3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

i also noticed that it cant track your fingers individually, which raises even more questions as to how you would play hardcore games


lol true dat, im not really interested in motion control. it all looks gimmicky to me

siyrobbo3111d ago

this is how you play hardcore games

BrutallyBlunt3111d ago

There are so many possibilities with this thing. Just think of what they can do before you even get into a game. Say power on and it turns on, recognizes you and automatically signs you in. Or say your brother/sister comes in the room and does the same thing. It will sign them in. Then once your signed in you just motion with your hand like Minority Report and go through the menus. No more need for even picking up the controller (or even having to recharge it as this thing will probably be self powered like the HD DVD add-on).

Even that demo they showed last year had a ton of potential of going through clothes for your avatar. There is just so much they can now do going forward where Microsoft doesn't even have to go out and buy up development studios now. They can just provide the hardware and let the studios come to them. Although they still need their own software like Nintendo to lead the way.

Great stuff but I'm wondering what this will cost us?

Christopher3111d ago

That's a good demo with some well-done demo software. Let's hope Microsoft can deliver on some games with that level of response at E3.

thereapersson3111d ago

NATAL lists everything as green, so not to worry!

lowcarb3111d ago

That's nothing more than a Live vision cam for my pc. It seriously has nothing on Natal and is laughable watching you with it. Basically it only scans your face and in no way do I believe it can tell if your a male or female just by your eyes and smile lol. Now can you seriously look at me with a straight face and say that was impressive? I didn't think so LMAO!

IdleLeeSiuLung3111d ago

More and more stuff is leaking out....

Hideo_Kojima3111d ago

I hate the fact that people complain about hardcore games and I am sure when they think of hardcore they always have guns in their mind.

If they made an RPG with martial arts or something similar it would be hardcore enough for me.

I dont think Natal will do very well with shooting games but I think it will do better with fighting games when compared to something like motion fighters.

gaffyh3111d ago

Would it recognise your gender if you were wearing baggy clothes? I'm guessing it SHOULD because of the infrared camera, but it seems to show the entire outline of your clothes.

Qui-Gon Jim3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Watch that video that Whateva linked to. Gender recognition is all software and can be done with face only. It actually looks at your face and somehow calculates probabilities of whether you are male or female, and approximate age, then whichever probability is higher is the one it goes with.

Don't worry though, just because the PSEye can do much of what Natal does doesn't mean Natal can't do things that the PSEye can't. Natal is going to bring some really cool things to the table.

Edit @ Fox02 below: Yeah, it looked pretty responsive, but i couldn't tell for sure if it was doing the skeletal mapping there or just displaying what the camera itself is doing. The mapping is a big task.

fox023111d ago

I'm I the only one that didn't notice any lag there? Still 7 months away from release?

IdleLeeSiuLung3111d ago

This whole gender thing could be funny. Imagine stepping up only to have the system recognize you, a male, as a female!!!

Now that is an embarrassing party scene.

Triella3111d ago

but there is noticeable lag no matter how you try to spin it, and if there is lag at this stage (where the camera is basically only tracking your body) then just imagine what it will be like when the software has to map your movements to an avatar (well, we've actually seen what it's like : Ricochet).

lowcarb3111d ago

True but I Want to see or actually hear how Natal does this feature. Software could make it possible but not necessarily accurate kind of like a guessing game. Trying to bring up eyetoy in every Natal related story is pointless and really shows some insecurities. I would sure love to start seeing people show off how Wiimote already does everything Move is doing. You see no one is denying eyetoy already went a similar path but what's annoying is how they don't bring up Wii and Move comparisons just to attack Natal which has yet to be seen.

sonnyz3111d ago

There is a lag, shes just moving really slow so that its harder to notice.

GiantEnemyCrab3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Sonnyz when that second guy stepped in and was waving his hands at everyone I did not notice any lag. Also considering it was tracking her at the same time I am really impressed by this.

But it wasn't running a game so I will keep my excitement in check until E3. I do not expect 1:1 or zero lag but as long as the game play feels right it won't be a problem.

Qui-Gon Jim3111d ago

I think gender recognition always boils down to a guessing game. Think about it, sometimes we people even guess wrong.

I agree about the constant mentioning of PSEye to a degree. In fact, I am sick of all the stupid comparisons of everything. I think PS fans bring it up, though, because PSEye has been doing a lot of these things for awhile, then Natal (which DOES do more) gets announced and people are suddenly talking about facial recognition and voice commands like they have never been done before.

It's really funny how people play up how Natal/Move is such an improvement over PSEye/Wii-mote, then downplay Move/Natal as a copy of Wii-mote/PSEye.

ChozenWoan3111d ago

There is much lag.

I also noticed a slight "BAM!" glitch when she went to move her arms in front of her. She moved the left one just a little too fast the first time and it glitched for just a frame or two.

Everything else they showed with the two people being recognized at once, Sony showed the same September 10, 2009. Which is what is being shown in the video Whateva posted. MS is just re-presented Sony's old tech, and marketing it as it's own. Then again, MS has always been more of a marketing firm than a development on... just watch the movie Pirates of Silicon Vally.

corneliuscrust3111d ago

Natal tech is quite different. 2 cameras are used to feed data in order to represent the player in 3D space.

you cannot do this with one camera (eye). Sony has great software that lets the PSeye do some wild things... but it cannot read depth. Stereoscopics are needed for depth. Convergence from two view points are needed to attain a third dimension.

IdleLeeSiuLung3110d ago

Don't bother responding to chozenwoan. He is a known fanboi and MS hater. There is no reason, just hate!

PS Eye can do some of the things Natal can do in software, but it will tax the processing power and is just that, last years technology. It's like comparing DVD to Blu-Ray, sure they both look similar and both act similar, but there is definitely differences that DVD can't do.

You can mimic depth tracking by analyzing the frame, but you will not get the same level as Natal. That is why PS Move uses that glowing orb for depth tracking, without the glowing orb, it isn't very useful.

ChozenWoan3110d ago

To corneliuscrust
True, the PSEye doesn't use stereoscopic vision. Yet it can detect motion, size, and color. These can be used to track a player much like Natal. Can it do so to the same degree and ease as Natal, No. But the PSEye can accomplish much of the same game play as Natal.

Here is a neat trick to see how easy PSEye can mimic Natal. Close one eye and pick up something around you. Although your not using stereoscopic vision, since you know the color and size of the objects around you, you are able to pick them up with relative ease. PSEye can do much of the same thing via software, and since the cell is good at crunching numbers, it wont take up too much power.

Add in the PSMove and you get this thing we call buttons... Some think they will prove important to hardcore gaming.

To IdleLeeSiuLung
You are a well known Xbox fanboi, does that make your statements just as hateful. lol.

I am not a fan of MS, this is true. Then again, I've followed them over the past 20 years and their product quality has always been shaky. If it wasn't for their marketing skills, MS would not even have the mega bucks they have. So tell me why you hate Sony so much buddy.

"PS Eye can do some of the things Natal can do in software, but it will tax the processing power and is just that, last years technology."

The funny part about that statement is that Natal will use up 30% of the CPU power ( and likely a nice chunk of ram) in the Xbox360 while the PSMove system will use only up to 16% of the SPUs and 2 mbs of ram in the PS3. And Yet the PSMove system is able to provide the same if not better gaming experiences. It can do hardcore and casual gaming thanks to it's buttons and low resource needs, while Natal is aimed squarely at casual games due to the HUGE resource needs of the system.

So for all it's added depth abilities, Natal is still vastly limited in what it can deliver when it comes to real gaming experiences.

Proof of the power of PSEye and PSMove:

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Sonyslave33111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Natal is going to own DILDO 3

cyborg69713111d ago

Your right slave it will own in the paint throwing ball catching genre. I have seen numerous games with move how many games have we seen with natal? Oh and no backwards compatibility sweet. At least you have milo to keep you warm at night.

Wrathman3111d ago

my droid butt hurt detector is heating up severly.

natal tech just gets better and better.the latest videos show NATAL lag is less and less.MOVE is currently the worst for lag.fact!

now all you hear is droids talk about MILO.poor comeback kids.

NateNater3111d ago

Why are you always thinking of dildos? Nearly every comment I've seen by you mentions a dildo lol

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Mike134nl3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Natal has two camera's one being displayed,I guess, is the infrared one, for tracking movement and depth.
The other normal camera most likely is for facial recognition.

Qui-Gon Jim3111d ago

Yeah, one camera does the 3D stuff, the other is a RGB camera. The RGB camera could be used for facial recognition (part of which is gender recognition), or any normal video feed stuff. I would imagine that some games will use the RGB camera only, if they can get away with it, to save resources (though the developers will probably never admit it). I imagine it can also combine the RGB feed with the 3D information for some really cool augmented reality stuff.

One cool thing about Natal and Move coming out is that maybe developers will implement more camera functionality into games since cameras will become pretty common on both systems in the next year.

corneliuscrust3111d ago

the two cameras work in tandem in order to give the software enough data to determine depth. To determine depth, you need two "eyes" viewing the same image from two different vantage points.

user13373111d ago

If you look through the vid, when the woman moves slightly further back, it stops "seeing" her. So I'm assuming there is some optimum distance from the camera the person needs to be? Which then makes me many people can you fit into its line if sight?

fryday3111d ago

The camera can regonize you within 4 meters.

Mike134nl3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

First of the further people stand from the camera the less accurate natal will be. So it makes sense that there is a optimum distance for the camera. If you have a normal or small size room there shouldn't be any problems.

It should be able to fit at least 4 people, if there are less than 4 people or if you have a narrow room natal can signal to a game to narrow the level or broaden it depending on the number of players.

BrutallyBlunt3111d ago

Obviously they set the camera up like that on purpose to show how you can jump in and out and it recognizes you and your gender. We will have to tweak our own camera angles most likely to get the best optimization. There will most likely be a certain area where it will work best. 1 foot from the screen and 30+ feet from the screen won't be it.

BrutallyBlunt3111d ago

Well if it supports up to 4 people that would be great. That's a huge savings right there in controllers and microphones. I'm wondering if the microphone will be able to do spatial sound recognition where it can detect who's talking of those 4 people?

Qui-Gon Jim3111d ago

I'm sure it's just set up to ignore anything past a certain distance. There certainly will be optimum distances depending on how much of you it needs to see and how much detail it needs to see. That might be why some reports say it can't detect finger movements and some say it can.

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Vegetom3111d ago

In the first trailer you saw some kind of quiz game with 4 people.

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