Sex addict finally unmasked

A female who became a sex addict after a fall from the Wii Fit board is finally unmasked. We have the first pics of the real girl.

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LordMarius3108d ago

eh no thanks and no offense

FragMnTagM3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Seeing as how you have a thing for under age chicks.

OT: It looks like it is a fake. The magazine looks like the National Enquirer or something. Look at the ridiculous photos. Of course if it is not fake, it sucks to be her.

LordMarius3108d ago

so going by your avatar you have a thing for muscular aggressive males, oOokaYyy

Eiffel3108d ago

You're really gonna joke someones avatar when you have Justin Bieber as yours? Seriously?

Red_Orange_Juice3108d ago

now I understand the complaints

FishCake9T43108d ago

Justin Beiber?

toaster3108d ago

Aww comeonnn Justin Beiber is super hot and you know it.


Chris3993108d ago

The hottest lesbian I've ever seen.

Jsynn73108d ago

Ok, you can put the mask back on now

Gothdom3108d ago

She must be the lady from the spacestation Gargantua 1

Brock Samson: "Yeah.... I like it with the helmet on"

Raz3108d ago

Now that's poetic irony - an ugly nympho. Why can't Angelina Jolie fall off a Wii-Fit board?

PS360PCROCKS3108d ago

Hahahahaha Justin Bieber?! I really hope your a chick if that's your avatar man. My TEN year old niece likes him

Mo0eY3108d ago

LOOOOOOOL. I loved all the people who were slobbering over this girl. Lick them lips, guys. She's all yours.

fatstarr3108d ago

we all know how she got this way.She was the test dummy on the theory so no pretty girls got unnecessarily injured.

Now someone push some hot chick off wii fit!

HolyOrangeCows3108d ago

Either this is fake or she is a MAJOR attention whore.

MagicAccent3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Games on PC drains your social life, video games makes to kill people..

...And the Wii makes you a sex addict?

Gotta be honest, I didn't see that one coming.

ProjectVulcan3107d ago

Looks more constipated than aroused

manna3107d ago

i think i lost a rib laughing at ur comment..lmao holy sh*t dude...hahah u jst made my day!!! hahah bubble for u :D

N4Flamers3107d ago

I thought justin was 16 year old butch lesbian until i found out it was a dude. He even sounds like a girl.


Someone has to push the wii fit girl off her wii fit.

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qface643108d ago

for some reason i really regret clicking on this article -__-

the awesome illusion in my head is gone now

xDaRkModEx3108d ago

you can say that again. =\

Hideo_Kojima3108d ago

of that picture used as the icon in the other article...

Darkstorn3108d ago

She's supposed to be 24...she does NOT look it.

HolyOrangeCows3108d ago

Why is it that every time you read or hear about sexy conditions, the woman with it has to be so unattractive?

MagicAccent3108d ago

It's something called 'Real Life', or so I've heard.
And it's usually filled to the brim with the methaphorical equivalent of a raised middle finger to anyone who ever thought it would be good for a lark.

And I agree, it sucks.

Obama3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Wait she's 24??? You kidding right coz she certainly looks twice as old.

Inside_out3103d ago

She needs to fall again...and quick...DAMN...

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Jaybad543108d ago

Anything with the word sex in the title is at 300 degrees before its even approved, sigh

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3108d ago

Hmm...she should of left the 'Mask' on me'thinks!!! ;-D

ChrisW3107d ago

You know back when she was your age she was probably rather decent looking! Now, I won't deny that I wouldn't try to pick her up... But that's because I have standards.

Whereas I bet that you, yourself, rank pretty low on what women want and and thus your standards are equally low.

Remember, people with low self-esteem normally make comments like you did.

pesevengi3108d ago - This was the original story and the site that had the picture (you can also see it was posted on MaxConsole last night). The dutch website has simply lifted the original picture and not provided a link.