ATI Drivers Fix Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Loading Issues

New ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview Drivers have been released that fix the slow loading issue in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, now available for download.

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ColdFire3109d ago

I got the drivers, but have not tried them yet

evrfighter3109d ago

I had this issue with my 5870 in trying to load maps SP or MP it would take about 30-45 seconds in dx10 or dx10.

I am using these drivers and am loading maps in dx11 8xAA in less than 10 seconds.

They really do work for 5xxx users. I've read they really don't make much of a difference for 4xxx users.

KingKiff3109d ago

I have been running a HD4890X2 ATi card since I installed this game and have not encountered this problem at all???

If you have post about please...

chak_3109d ago

load of people have problems with loading times being long (30 sec to 1 min)

I didn't try yet, but feedbacks are good so far

3109d ago
omni_atlas3109d ago

A patch for my 4850 would be nice. Takes >30 seconds to load each map. Annoying.

thecremeegg3108d ago

According to ATI twitter, a 4xxx series fix is due next week

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