Monster Hunter 3's Ironbeard McCullough wrote Capcom an email about the latest Monster Hunter 3 commercial, and CwG received a reply back from Monster Hunter 3's very own Ironbeard McCullough.

Ironbeard shares an experience he had filming the first commercial, and offers a few words of encouragement about his favorite hobby.

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CoffeewithChess3136d ago

Anybody planning on getting the game next week?

qface643136d ago

im getting it day 1 even though i won't be able to play the game until 3 weeks later </3 T^T

qface643136d ago

no my wii broke and i kept saying ill get it fixed tomorrow ill get it fixed tomorrow and on and on now its caught up with me

Myst3135d ago

I'm getting it and going in to Gamestop today just to make sure my pre-order for the bundle is still secured [especially since it was taken down off of the site]

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readiandnot3136d ago

I enjoy these posts! I think the game is going to be awesome!

Mahr3136d ago

"Have you seen the Monster Hunter 3 commercial on television? If so, what station/program was it advertised during?"

Funny you should ask: Tonight's entire episode of South Park just now was brought to viewers by Tri. *Tons* of commercials for it.

CoffeewithChess3136d ago

So, Capcom sponsored the entire South Park show, and played nothing but Monster Hunter 3 commercials during the episode tonight!?

Were there any other commercials, or just Monster Hunter 3?

Mahr3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Oh, there were commercials for other products, but Tri definitely had the highest volume. Now that I think about it, commercials for the episode itself (it was the 200th one) also said 'Episode sponsored by Monter Hunter Tri' or something.

CoffeewithChess3136d ago

Awesome! I wonder how much that cost them?! Now, if they can get this game onto Oprah's show, and just have her play it...

Mahr3136d ago

"Now, if they can get this game onto Oprah's show, and just have her play it..."

She's had murderers, racists, child molesters, and politicians on her show before. Alas, it seems she thinks bringing on an enthusiast of a wildly popular gaming franchise would be crossing the line.

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hardcorez3136d ago

About time the Wii gets a hard core game this year!

Myst3135d ago

Oh there better be variations of the original monsters...

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