Insomniac: HipHopGamer Exaggerated What We Said

Insomniac Games has updated their official twitter stating that HipHopGamer has exaggerated what they said during one of his recent "vidicles."

HipHopGamer stated recently:

"Insomniac is prepared and ready to shock us once again and this time
it's not just Resistance or Ratchet but something else.

E3 this year has just got hotter with this little small announcement
because this year will have a ton of heavy hitters and by Insomniac
being apart of our gaming needs. It seems that Ted Price will be ready
soon to take center stage and blow us away with what they are going to

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ClownBelt3109d ago

Lmao Oh never fail to make something small into something big.

LordMarius3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I still hope they show something big at E3, insomniac has yet to prove itself this gen

They ruin their Resistance franchise with R2, and R&C is just a rehash from the PS2.

kaveti66163109d ago

Every one who has ever crossed paths with HHG can correctly say that their meeting was exaggerated.

However, I must also admit that it's endearing to see HipHopGamer have such passion for video games, let alone anything.

That man is truly living his life. I have never been that excited or happy for anything in my life.

Brklynty13109d ago

Its ok Insomniac, he does that every week, us gamers don't take him seriously anyways.

evrfighter3109d ago

exactly.. HHG is only well known throughout N4G and that's pretty much it.

I would say a good 90% of the N4G user base see's him as the village idiot.

hulk_bash19873109d ago

Insomniac has more than proved themselves this gen with all of their games. Both Resistance games were a blast, and All three Ratchet and Clank games were a pleasure to play through. Problem is that, alot of PS3 gamers aren't giving their games a chance. They, like alot of other PS3 devs, deserves more sales than they are getting. I love my PS3 and it's large library of games but I am consistently disappointed by the lack of support, from the PS3 install base, for these great titles.

Zedux3109d ago

HHG has made a name for himself! This goes to show what he says now is important lol very nice I hope more alternative sources like him start to rise and corporate news controlled site *cough gamespot cough ign cough eurogamer* become less relevant!

Danja3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I dont think its fair ot say PS3 owners dont give there game a fair chance... "A Crack in Time" is having great legs on the charts .. Ratchet was never a huge seller its doing decent numbers..

R1 sold well

R2 didnt do as well but that was more Sony's fault as they had released so any games that fall like within weeks of each other that there line up just ate each other apart , PS3 owners wallets were stretched thin and after the holidays people just forgot about those games...

sony has learnt it seems releasing big games every other month

badz1493109d ago

that dude is like an image of Peter Molyneux. one is a hype machine, the other is a flamebait machine!


"insomniac has yet to prove itself this gen" - WHAT? R&C is still the best platformer on any platform and Resistance is a great franchise and even they did screwed up the franchise a bit with R2, they still brought 60-players MP (2nd only to MAG in terms of number) and 8-player coop (yet to be done by other game!) to the table which are AWESOME!

"R&C is just a rehash from the PS2" - again, WHAT? you mean just like Halo3 is a rehashed Halo2, right? think before you post!

LordMarius3109d ago

R&C has not brought anything innovative since its conception, its always more of the same, and they expect for us to pay $60 just to continue the story and after that move on to another R&C, thats just milking right there. R2 was just a mess, trying to be more like Halo than anything else.

hulk_bash19873109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Point taken, and I understand there are alot of outstanding circumstances that may have caused these games to be brushed under the rug. And I'm aware that coming in from the PS2 era, Ratchet and Clank was never a 5 million unit seller (even though I believe it deserves that), I just wanted to believe it could pull off those numbers coming into this gen.

Innovative? I hate it when people insist that a game must do something innovate or revolutionary to be worth the money. My belief is that a game should be above anything else, fun to play. If it does do something new and innovative that would just be icing on top of the cake. But I'd take a fun game that uses established benchmarks of it respective genre, over an innovative POS any day.

Danja3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

what did Halo 2 and Halo 3 Bring new to the table .. what Forge mode ??? wasnt it just to continue the story ??

why do you think every game has to innovate ?? why cant a game just be plain ole fun to play... now you go back and play the first Ratchet and you play Crack in Time and tell if this series hasnt evolved and aged well with time.

R2 was a great game , yeh the campaign wasnt as good as the first but the online and co-op was great , 60 player online was quite innovative for a online shooter with no lag..


Maybe if was multiplat it could pull off those numbers ... other than GT Sony games arent huge sellers they normally sell 2-4 million... which is more than enough to recoup costs

once A Crack in Time gets a price cut sales will pick up again , it might just outsell TFOD , but i think its fair to say that PS3 first party games will start selling better now as PS3's are selling very well these days

-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I wouldn't say Insomniac haven't proven themselves, but in the case of Resistance, I agree that the game wasn't that great. The franchise is a very generic FPS. However, it's features (large MP and co-op) have been well liked and Insomniac has been a saving grace for Sony. They provided a MP game for launch, and though their games may not be the best they have been the most CONSISTENTLY HIGH SCORING team that have delivered THE most games for Sony this gen.

Naughty Dog made ONE PS3 game this gen which was great but Insomniac made about 5 that were also good. Show me another team that has done that this gen.

And though R&C has been recycled a lot, it was still loved. Why stop making something if fans still love it? Though, I do think that R&C was whored out, but it has finally rested in peace.

Resistance is forgettable but right now Insomniac has new stuff up its clever sleeves.

HHG is a desperate deceiver trying to use flamebait to get hits and it works because people are stupid enough to follow him.

Also, @badz

SMG is a much better platformer than Ratchet

Omegasyde3109d ago

Resistance 2 was meh. The 8 player Co-op was great but they really should of had more scenarios and levels.

The multiplayer was a sweet concept but failed due to rockets, rockets, and the occasion rocket. Nothing beats respawning like respawning into Rockets. Despite the maps being big, half the time you would get blown up with in 2 seconds.

(Note to Developers: Get rid of grenade launchers and Rockets)

BattleAxe3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Man....I can't believe this sh*t! This is CRAZY and INCREDIBLE. This just blows me away. Now I'ma have ta come over to HHG's house and slap him across the face 2 times or something like that.

@ Omega,

The rockets aren't the bad thing about the multi-player, its the Wraith that totally can ruin the game with people jumping around to fast start it.

Games4M - Rob3109d ago

"That man is truly living his life. I have never been that excited or happy for anything in my life."

If thats true then you seriously need to get a life.

vhero3108d ago

The biggest announcement for Sony at E3 won't be a Single game or device... Make of that what you will.. I will tell you this though it will make you so damn excited..

Hill_billy3108d ago

He needs to tone it down just a notch. I like his attitude towards games in general but the titles and articles he does need to just be toned down a bit.

Akagi3108d ago

@MariusElijah: you have Justin Bieber as your icon, your statement is invalid.

Boody-Bandit3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Nearly every franchise title carried over from last generation to this one says hi. What was your point again?

on topic:
This is just Ted Price being Ted Price. They are a humble company and not chest pounders. That is what I dig most about his company. That and they make quality titles.

On HHG. I'm not much of a fan but nor am I a hater. I dig his passion for gaming but do feel he needs to dial things down several notches. He comes off like a kid in a candy store with enough cash to get him sick for weeks every time he does an interview or is hyping the latest and greatest. That belt has to go. I cringe every time I see him ask someone to throw it over their shoulder. Also an editor and planned out show would be nice. I am sure he does some planning but it always seem spur of the moment.

There is no denying he has his foot in basically every developer and publishers doorstep or in the near future will. He does get some of the best in the industry to allow him audience. With that said, if you want to keep that foot in the door? Dial it down and become more professional or it will get old fast and more and more people will do setting the record straight articles on you.

bnaked3108d ago

The HipHopGamer Show is great. I think he's sympathetic and he's a funny journalist.

raztad3108d ago

While other developers as ND, GG and SSM had the luxury of more developing time for their titles, IG had to provide the single reason for picking up a PS3 back in 2006: Resistance:FoM.

I dont blame IG for some design choices in R2, COD4 was the new benchmark and they had to adapt (R1 is pretty outdated for the most part), R2 was better reviewed than R1, but some "fans" are still despising the game. Luckily having not played R1 earlier I had a lot of fun with the second.

Give IG a break, those guys are awesome and make fun games. Lets hope they get back offline split-screen and the weapon wheel. If they take some clues from MAG to have a less chaotic, more objective - based competitive multiplayer game is gonna be awesome, but the most important thing is: Dont release R3 and KZ3 close each other.

Max Power3108d ago

"Naughty Dog made ONE PS3 game this gen which was great but Insomniac made about 5 that were also good. Show me another team that has done that this gen."

Sucker Punch has made one PS3 game this gen, Naughty Dog has made two (Uncharted 1 and 2), I think you are confusing the two. But I do agree that Insomniac as managed to release a quality title every year of the PS3s life, which is awesome and incredible.

AnttiApina3108d ago

Every news in N4G is exaggerated!

Sev3108d ago

@ Games4M - Rob

You've never met HHG in real life. kavetti6616 is speaking from experience which I an agree with.

No one is genuinely more excited and passionate for games and the games industry than Hip Hop Gamer. I wish I had 20% of that energy.

You guys can hate HHG all you want, but the reality is, he's got face time with devs and you don't. He's part of the industry (whether you think he should be or not), and you are whining about him on game forums.

JsonHenry3108d ago

Why is it no one takes him seriously now, but I got a million disagrees when he first came out for stating the same thing?

inveni03108d ago

HHG does pretty good talking to the camera, I'll give him that. BUT, I saw this other video of him wasn't even his video...but he kept talking real loud and acting nuts, and I just thought, " would really suck to be stuck in a room with that being stuck on a 10 hour bus ride with Robin Williams."

Lifendz3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

but the kid has to be careful when it comes to the amount of hyperbole he uses. Hype is actually used to determine whether a game is a flop rather than the game itself (in some circles). Devs probably don't want someone saying their going to change the world when the project is still in its infancy.

I don't wish bad on the guy but it feels like something is coming that's going to really have a negative impact on his ability to cover games. I don't know what it'll be. You listen to other podcasts and when they mention the guy it's obviously in a sarcastic way. The ratio of people that hate the guy compared to those that are indifferent has gotta be like 10 to 1. And breaking embargos and stuff like this can't be good for relations to people in the dev community.

That said, I can't wait to see what Insomniac delivers this year.

TROLL EATER3108d ago

hiphop gamer gets excited over anything

avengers19783108d ago

HHG being a lousy journalist; you don't say. Listen I have no idea why this guy even has a video game show, he never has good information, he usually puts words into the mouths of the people he interviews. How he gets these people is beyond me.
I've said it all along HHG is not a valid source for information.
N4G should really stop putting stuff up from this guy.

WikusVanDeMerwe3108d ago

Your comment had me rolling for a good 2 minutes but to be serious I do see him as just that. lmao

The Maxx3108d ago

"I would say a good 90% of the N4G user base see's him as the village idiot."

LOL best analogy of HHG yet.

syanara3108d ago

its hip hop gamer. what did u expect?

3108d ago
deafwing3108d ago

... What da hell is a "vidicle" ?

and in that case ... let's coin village idiot - villiot :D

barom3108d ago

Sev, just go back to writing your stupid ass rumored-PS-Store-content ONE WHOLE DAY before they're released. You and HHG don't deserve to be in the industry. You can stand there and say you have passion and all that but none of it comes out in your works. It's simple, you suck. You're articles is not worth one second of my life and I've wasted too much time already.

fr0sty3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

yeah boyyyeeeee... check it yo! i hurd, dat sony has got da biggest, baddest $h!t out der, and they gonna drop it on yo heads at dis e3. dey said dat deathrays are gonna come out of da sky and melt yo faces off and $h!t. den dese little mechanical elves is gonna bring you a band aid to fix yo' face, and da ps3 is gonna be all 3d and $h!t. den, as if it couldn't get any betta, ted price is gonna announce da resistance 3 holodeck, which he says is gonna be given away fo free! FO FREE YO! Jus keep in mind, you heard it here first yo, hiphopgamer exclusive!

And as someone who IS in the industry, and DOES get face time with such developers (just got back from manhattan doing just that for THQ, and will be leaving for vegas to do it again in 2 weeks), I do have the right to complain about HHG. While I respect his enthusiasm, and the success he has had, there also is a such thing as professionalism, ESPECIALLY when quoting someone in an interview. That is something he sorely needs to learn.

Games4M - Rob3108d ago

What on earth are you prattling on about ?

The guy I responded to says that he wish he had something in his life he could be passionate about like HHG and you think thats a good thing ???

Dosnt this guy have a mrs, or kids, or a life ? Dont you see that there is something really tragic about acknowledging that you dont have as much passion as some chump who makes video webcasts ?

I think thats absolutely fucin pathetic.

So read what i wrote properly chumpboy and you'll see that i wasnt critiscing your precious HHG at all, rather just loser i was replying to.

Still i like the way you read something else into it and have a big old suck on HHG's d1ck in the process, im sure he appreciates your support in this trying time of him looking like an utter tool.

ThanatosDMC3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

HHG talks too much and doesnt listen enough, but funny thing is people recognize him more and more for it. Oh well...

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Gue13109d ago

I feel kinda bad for HHG...

Therealspy033109d ago

he's getting recognized by major developers for doing something any of us can do...make sh!t up.

i'm sure he's tickled to death that so many people talk about him, even if it's mostly negative.

"any publicity is good publicity"

Danja3109d ago

Thats what im saying he must be doing something right to have people like Ted Price responding ot his claims , he obviously knows more than us gamers anywho i really dont mind him , i dont take things i watch over the internet personal where im gonna dislike someone i dont

dalibor3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Why? This is what happens when you tend to exaggerate things. HHG you don't get any hate from me but you should try to be straight forward about the news you get and the articles you pump out. Show some respect and respect will find it's way back at you (there are exceptions at times though, nothing is for certain). HHG be a gamer and don't spread inconclusive/false info. We could all learn something from you but spewing off articles that are at times out of hand is not a good form of what articles/news pieces are intended to be in the first place. We must all start somewhere. I vote for gaming journalism to once again be reasonable (every single gaming site/mag out there). F**k the bs.

Cueil3108d ago

he got way over excited... it's just how he is... he's starting to curb his enthusiasm a bit and I think that hopefully we'll see him take a more professional approach like his last article (vidical)

deafwing3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

... overhyped, oversized, over ... ahh f it .. you know what I mean ... type of news.

ps @ above - vidcale is not a word .. and I think he spells it vidicle ...

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Kamikaze1353109d ago

A developer shut him up...that has to count for something =X

dalibor3109d ago

I don't hate HHG but somebody was going to step in sooner or later. If you twist facts and statements around that is not a good thing. Insomniac probably will now think twice about having to deal with HHG if they even want to bother with him at all.

deafwing3108d ago

... man I guess when they see him at e3 this year they'll just run to the back of their boofs ... lol.

Bebedora3109d ago

Noooo? HHG exaggerate anything?

RedPawn3109d ago

Ouch!, get a bandaid for that wound.