Diehard GameFAN Review: The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2

Diehard GameFAN writes: "So, much like the last time I reviewed one of these games, I have to admit, I wasn't expecting this.

Almost two years ago to the day, I received a review copy of The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes from Alex, and with nothing particularly exciting going on at the time, I figured I'd give it a shot. Well, two years later, one morning I opened my E-mail to find an E-mail from a representative from the developer, Legacy Interactive, asking if I'd be interested in reviewing the sequel. The original game, as the review notes, was a solid puzzle game with a neat Sherlock Holmes theme that, while not amazing by most standards, was a lot of fun all in all. It lacked in replay value, as most hidden object finding games do, and it wasn't as well paced as it could have been all in all, but it was engaging and well presented, which helped to make up for a lot of its shortcomings."

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