Sony UK's 3DTV launch includes a few free games to get early adopters started

Engadget writes: "As the GMT turns, Sony's divisions are revealing their 3D plans for the rest of the year and the latest is its UK branch. The HX803 3D-ready model is first out the door in June, with LX903 and HX903 models arriving shortly afterward packing specs identical to their US cousins, with the addition of Freeview HD tuners and PAL-friendly refresh rates. Since the HX803 doesn't come with any of those 100-hour battery rated glasses , viewers getting ready for the 2010 World Cup will likely opt for one of the 3D accessory packs with two pairs included plus the necessary IR emitter. No word on prices for any of these yet, but PS3 owners who buy a new TV within the launch "limited period" can expect to vouchers with download codes for 3D-upgraded versions of four PSN games: PAIN (3 episodes), WipEout HD (full game), Motorstorm Pacific Rift (single level demo) and Super Stardust HD (full game)."

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-Mezzo-3109d ago

This is a very great deal, but still i don't think that giving away a couple of free games will bring in any sales.

Still Great For The People Who Were Gonna Buy It Anyway.

El_Colombiano3109d ago

I wish I could buy a 3D TV.