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GUCommander3109d ago

For some reason (at a quick glance) that screen shot in the n4g image reminds me of Zelda more than Pokemon.

blitz06233109d ago

That new pokemon in the first screenshot looks very uninteresting. I hope it's not a starter.

3109d ago
Government Cheese3109d ago

But without friend codes, the kiddies won't be safe.

Immortal3213109d ago

is the fact that they lie in every game. you can't catch them all.

Shang-Long3109d ago

Lol but they say gotta catch em all not you can catch em all

3108d ago
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Valay3109d ago

We're starting to get an idea of how the overworld/overall game will play out (although much of it is still unknown). But I'm really wondering if there will be a huge change in the battle system.

BubbleSystemSuck3109d ago

wwooow.. i miss my pockemons Games.
Please, Pokemon for iPhone

knight6263109d ago

ROFL pokemon on iphone...u serious? apple and nintendo are are not going to work out something when pokemon is one of the best selling games on the nintendo platforms...its like saying xbox giving halo to sony

kaveti66163109d ago

If you unlock your Ipod Touch like I did, you can download a Gameboy Emulator plus the Game ROMs. I don't know if you can get DS games, but I got as far as Advance.

Valay3109d ago

Yeah...For the foreseeable future, these Pokemon titles will only be for Nintendo systems.

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The story is too old to be commented.