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Darkfiber3106d ago

I'm still unsure about this game. Conceptually it looks really cool, but the graphics aren't nearly as good as I thought they would be, and the landscape and even towns (well, the one they have showed) look extremely bland and empty. The UI doesn't look very inviting, and there doesn't seem to be a ton of character customization. Plus, I absolutely despise the Lalafell and they could potentially ruin the game for me for being so retarded looking and creepy. Hopefully I'll get into the beta and judge for myself though.

Karsghul3106d ago

I was worried until i saw the first cutscene and heard the VO. very impressive stuff for a MMO.

Darkfiber3106d ago

Too bad that has nothing to do with the gameplay :P

tda-danny3106d ago

Sounds like you've already judged it...

Honestly, its an MMO in Alpha. You know the stage where as soon as they have a working version, they put it out to a select few to start testing. Huge updates are always being added.

And regarding how it looks, it is an MMO (again, in alpha), and I have yet to see a better looking MMO on the market yet.

You say: "and there doesn't seem to be a ton of character customization". Really? from the screens released showing the 2 tribes for every race, there appears to be tonnes of character customization.

Also: "Plus, I absolutely despise the Lalafell and they could potentially ruin the game for me for being so retarded looking and creepy."
Really, that close-minded eh? The game probably isn't for you then, and from the sounds of it, the community will be better off for it.

NegativeCreepWA3106d ago

I don't know what your on but the graphics look amazing for a mmo, especially considering it'll be on a console to. I'm more worried about the gameplay and the new class system. FFXI is known for how hardcore it is and i'm afraid this may go more of a casual route.


It's Alpha Test, not Beta, or a Demo or a final Product Test.

Shaman3105d ago

Graphics in alpha really,and i mean really look fugly...

Wake3105d ago

The graphics are a huge leap over FF11 and I wouldn't expect to much graphically from FF14, Remember the environments are huge and the game has to be able to scale to consoles.

I wouldn't be surprised if the graphics don't improve much at all on release. Don't get me wrong though there really good graphics for a MMO there just not Aion level graphics and they never will be since Aion uses the Crysis engine.

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booni33106d ago

correct me if im wrong, but is there already an HD MMO out that people just dont know about? those graphics surpass all MMos to date, and i can infer from those screens alone. i cant wait.


Square Enix said this will compete against World of Warcraft and others MMORPGs.

I just hope an amazing game.

SuperStrokey11233105d ago

I assume thes shots are from the PC version correct?

robotnik3105d ago

yes, and it is in alpha state, no final lightning effects and graphics.

Blaster_Master3105d ago

I hope that you can use the controller while playing this game. I already have a bluetooth keyboard, and I hope for those who prefer keyboard that it is supported, which im sure it does, but I like using my controller more then anything, and I shouldn't need to use a keyboard if Sony first brings out Cross game chat. Then if I need to type to someone i have my mini keyboard that fits on my controller, the one I use when Im in home.

robotnik3105d ago

of course you will be able to play with a controller. This game is designed for console, and if you see the gameplay leaks, you move the macros around using few buttons, that exactly matches the PS3 dpad.

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