The Chatterbox: Gaming On An HDTV

Frag Crunch writes: We all know you will need to do some solid research before buying a HDTV for gaming. Lots of them have this lag issue and it will ruin the experience, while others may change and make the experience life changing to say the least.

Is it recommended or is it better to just stick with good 'ol TV's and PC monitors?

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Elven63109d ago

HDTV for me but I have no trouble having to game on an SDTV, I do sometimes on a PC monitor (motion sickness mostly) depending on the type of game and how far away I am from the screen.

moe_fragcrunch3109d ago

Honestly after going HD I can't go back. To me HD is a pretty important step in gaming as the visuals look very crisp and clean. It does wonders for not only technical graphics but it makes colorful and artistic games look that much more vibrant.