Sega Classics Needing A Revival: Part Two "In part one of this series, we looked at four games that fall into the category of being Sega classics, or games strongly associated with Sega that are in need of a revival. Those games were Streets of Rage, Shenmue, ToeJam & Earl and Vectorman. There are many more games that fall into that category though, and in part two of this article series, we'll look at some more games from the Mega Drive era, while also looking at another Dreamcast classic that's not actually made by Sega."

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ShawnCollier3109d ago

Nice list. Man, some of these games are so old. xd

Simon_Brezhnev3109d ago

damn i remember loving Eternal Champions and I really want a sequel to Comix Zone.

Deacon3108d ago

I have that and a plethora of other old school games on my modded 1st gen Xbox. $80 dollars for the Xbox $200 for the mod with at 250 gig HD, with the ability to burn Xbox games on the the HD. It has more than paid for itself. The original Xbox was a beast!

Selyah3109d ago

Totally agree on Power Stone.

mephman3109d ago

Yea, if they made a third it'd definitely do well.

ShawnCollier3109d ago

I heard the first two were supposed to be pretty good.

Selyah3109d ago

I wonder what they'd release it on though if they were to.

DigitalHorror813109d ago

I would LOVE A sequel to the Sega Genesis Collection.

(Which is available on 360/PS3) It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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