New Medal of Honor Too Authentic?

Medal of Honor's Executive producer, Greg Goodrich, gives his opinion of authenticity in modern shooters.

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mikepmcc3108d ago

The more variety and diverse games there are, the better- why make it have the same physics of COD?

N4BmpS3108d ago

No relation to the article but I'm thinking MoH is taking back it's throne. Call of Duty has been weakened and the only FPS that can take it is MoH.

ChozenWoan3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I hope so.

The problem with Shooters today is that they don't give you proper training. I say that if someone wants to be a sniper they should have to go through the sniper training. If someone wants to use a machine gun, C4, grenades, claymores, or even the modest pistol then they should go through the proper training.

Most FPSs today give us about a 2-5 min basic movement training tutorial and then drops players into the deep end of the pool. When new gamers get online they get owned cause they didn't really learn anything from the training session besides the basic controller setup.

In the military, they don't just take someone off the street and hand them a sniper rifle and expect them to execute a target from 500m away. Yes I know, video games are meant to let you do things you wouldn't normally get to do, but there should still be some level of training.

I think it would be nice if I could play a video game and get the training needed to pick up a real sniper rifle and have a clue as to what to do with it. Kinda like how you can play Gran Tourismo and learn how to race a real car. I think it's about time we had more games of all genres that tricked you into learning real life skills. Why not with as much time as we put into gaming each week, might as well get something valuable out of it besides a high gamer score.

ATi_Elite3108d ago

Authenticity I thought that's what America's Army and Arma II was for? I'll play Arma II for the complete Military Similation Experience and Medal of Honor for the Arcade feel.

Sorry but the Battlefield series has ALWAYS wore the crown and has Never given it up. Medal of Honor and Call of Duty were always heirs to the throne.

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Ziriux3108d ago

Nope, it's just about perfect.

GUCommander3108d ago

I think that games can be too authentic, especially if you start doing things like calculating sniper shots. That's just absurd. A mini game like that would be very fun though :P

morganfell3108d ago

Not absurd at all. That is why ACE II makes Arma II the best war simulation to date.

BYE3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

At least in tactical FPS games.

If you wanna take the cheap route and take out people from across the map at least put up with SOME kind of a challenge.

mephixto3108d ago

They should include in the game a Reality Mode or somethig like that.

Omegasyde3108d ago

I remember back in the 90's with delta force 2 where you had to adjust the range of your sniper rifle to make a shot.

If someone was 950 meters away, you had to range it for 1000m and aim alittle high. I believe wind was in the game as well.

Games now aday are too tuned for Casuals. Even MAG took away alot of recoil from machine guns and SOCOM is headshot friendly. Ghost recon use to be authenic, but since it switched to 3rd person it lost all credibility.

Too bad OFP Dragon rising was so limited on consoles.


SOCOM has no auto aim, how is that headshot friendly? It's as easy and hard shooting to the head as it is to shoot to the feet. If anything you probabbly aren't too happy with it's aiming mechanics.

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DaysUntold3108d ago

Haha, yeah I could see that being another game of it's own. I don't think the idea in itself is bad, just doesn't belong in a mainstream shooter.

Kingdom Come3108d ago

Ergh! If I see another "Modern" war based FPS, I'm gonna cry! What is the need? There is no Originality in it...

GUCommander3108d ago

What do you mean man? The world needs another 100 modern war fps. And another 50 WW2 shooters.

Nitrowolf23108d ago

I don't really think there is much that can be done with Shooter story now a days.
Its either WW2, Modern, or an Alien Invasion
Honestly i think it would be sweet to have a shooter from rather then what we consider the good guy team, why not create one of the one's we call the enemies? anygame, idk i am kind of sick of having to go through the normal good guy side stuff. I want to at least know whats going on the other side.

but yeah Shooter (FPS) now a days really don't have deep story to them. There are some, but idk like i said mybe some one could create one from the other side of war. (meaning the one's we are usually against)

ForceCSW3108d ago

Actually a friend and I had an idea for a videogame after taking a class on World War 2. It would follow the story of German NOT Nazi soldiers at the end of the war. The exhausted and undersupplied soldiers would continue to fight against overwhelmingly powerful armies and watch as their homeland was slowly decimated by the fires of war. If done right it could maybe be a very emotional and eye-opening game...and in no way do I sympathize with the Nazi cause but I do sympathize with the plight of the young soldiers who fought for the madman who nearly destroyed their nation.

ATi_Elite3108d ago

What do you expect us to do? Run around maps throwing rocks and sticks?

Call of Duty 10 Caveman Warfare

Battlefield Sling Shot Company 3

Wolfskin of Honor

Battlefield tried future weapons and it didn't work so good so you have Quake for that. Until Humans find a more cash friendly way to kill one another WWII and Desert Storm is all we get to play.

Hitting each other in the head with Dinosaur bones is not going to help a publishers bottom line.

Hotel_Moscow3108d ago

we need revolutionary war

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