Table Tennis Demo on XBLM Today

Rockstar Games has announced that a demo of Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis for the Xbox 360 will be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace at 1pm UK time today. The demo will let you play as Liu Ping in a 3 game match, set in China's National Table Tennis Auditorium.Technorati.

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bernie5409d ago

Don't read this go and play it! :)

TheMART5409d ago

This is nice. I was thinking about buying it but wasn't sure yet, because it's just uh... Table Tennis. But well I like Bankshot Billiards, which is just some billiard games like pool so much.

I'll check it out tonight after my office is closed. That'll be a good night and it has a Live online gaming part in the demo right?

General5409d ago (Edited 5409d ago )

Looks total crap, Looks like an original Xbox game.

joemutt5409d ago

General must not have seen a good screenshot, to call this last-gen is a laugh!

The fabric textures, I have not seen any this well in a game engine to date. Not CG, game engine.

The character models are really great, along the lines of Fight Night 3, which are amazing.

The gameplay is spot on. There is no tweaking in the smalest bit that would make the gameplay any better. It's perfect.

My only complaint is no custom characters, like tiger woods, and not many options, just play and have fun.

I think they werent putting all that extra stuff in there to distract from the game. No sweatband that gives you extra power on your serves, no paddle that gives a +3 bonus to spin. Just pure fun ping pong.

General5409d ago

You see, You guys dont like your precious consoles games to be dissed SO STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PS3's!

xeon1215409d ago

lol no one was talking about the ps3 asshole just you grow up get a social life and stop taking ur frustrions out on a msg board

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