AusGamers: Mafia 2 Preview

Ausgamers writes: "Currently in development at 2K Czech, Mafia 2 is looking like a worthy sequel to the original hugely popular title. You play the character of Vito, who has been off fighting ze Germans in World War 2, recently returned to the US. When you get back, you hook up with your old friend Joe, who has fallen into what is essentially a life of organised crime. The story kicks off pretty quickly as Vito gets drawn into that world in order to repay some family debts.

Now, just to get it out of the way – Mafia 2 is like the Grand Theft Auto series in terms of gameplay. I'm sure the 2K team hate hearing it described like that, but it's simply the quickest and easiest way to describe the game style – open world, free roaming, driving around in cars, mowing down pedestrians, and hurting, shooting and otherwise greatly inconveniencing people that are getting in your way."

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