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-Alpha3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Truly is the best exclusive game I have on my PS3, bar none. Not in terms of graphics, but in terms of gameplay, and really, that's what's most important. I honestly can't fault it one bit. While I had issues with Uncharted 2, LBP, etc. I simply am too enchanted with Demon's Souls to find something to fault. It's honestly a superb game. Just goes to show you how if you have heart you can make a game that doesn't rely on hype, money, or worst of all, graphics.

I am still waiting for the DLC >:(

Enjoy it Europeans.

PirateThom3111d ago

I don't think you'll get DLC. DS2 will be the first new content you get.

Namco is a bit of a shock though. Not sure why Sony STILL won't pick it up for release. It's their game.

And, I already imported this, but I suck at it, but enjoy playing it. Need to get good at it, because it's fun and I want to be good at it. Wish I had more time to play it.

ChozenWoan3111d ago

Sony has admitted that they should have picked it up sooner. Wonder why they didn't cash in on DS as it's the #1 sleeper hit of the gen.


Demons Souls won the GOTY along with Uncharted 2 in a lot of Official Gaming Sites (but Uncharted 2 won the GOTY in VGA's).

I know what are you saying.

Godmars2903111d ago

The only thing I can think of as DLC is the broken stone and an option to buy the hardest to get weapons.

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ClownBelt3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Good to hear. I wonder how it will do though considering some of them probably imported the game already. Still this is a very good news, and I hope it pays off, so that other publishers(especially Sony)won't be shy no more the next time a surprising big title like this emerge out of thin air.

garos823111d ago

finally us europeans get some demon soul love!

cmrbe3111d ago

Already imported it. If there is extra in the Eu version i will buy it again and give my imported copy to my nephew so that he doesnt have to borrow it so many times lol!.

DS is worth every cent.