Halo Reach Graphics Comparison : Assault Rifle

A small comparison showing the improvements within each incarnation from the final version of Halo 3 to the alpha build of Halo Reach and currently the Halo Reach beta build.

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Noble Spartan3108d ago

Excellent. The new assault rifle is looking beast. I am liking the vast improvements in the graphics.

Joule3108d ago

yea the game is looking great.

-Alpha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

This game is going to be a nuclear bomb. I'm so happy how Bungie is aiming to improve graphics while totally remaking their gameplay. The MP sounds like its going to be completely different and the SP sounds superb.

I usually worry that if a dev aims for graphics they forget to work on other areas but Bungie is an all around master in what they do. If I could only get into the Reach beta...

Christopher3108d ago

Very good advancement on those graphics. Can't wait to see what they do with everything else.

inveni03108d ago

Am I the only person in the world that doesn't really care what the gun looks like? I mean...maybe it makes a difference on some subconscious level, but I'd rather see an improvement in character models or animations from Alpha to Beta...not just some gun textures. (And that's exactly what this is. The gun model is EXACTLY the same.)

Mr Logic3108d ago

Biggest difference is between the Alpha and Beta imo.

Fanb0y3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

First good and non-flambait comparison I've seen here in a LOOONG time. I kinda wish they gave credit to the original Bungie forum poster.

It's crazy how much improvements they made from Alpha to Beta. Everyone knows there are some improvements, but I thought they were usually under-the-hood things - framerate, AI, tighter scripting, effects...

inveni03108d ago

That's funny that I got disagrees for stating facts. @Fanb0y, this isn't a fanboy comparison because it's all of Halo........ That Reach Beta weapon still doesn't compare to Killzone 2's weapons. So, while the comparison isn't fanboy, the reactions definitely are.

Mark my words, the only thing that saves the Halo franchise is the sales.

SixZeroFour3108d ago

@inveni0 - maybe you got disagrees for saying the gun models look "EXACTLY" the same...thing is exactly = indentical in every way, and if thats what you see, then i think you need to get your eyes checked asap

on top of that, to say a game (in this case halo) is only saved by its sales...i dont think a game that is still played by over 800k everyday 3 or so years after its release needs saving...hate it or love it, new games come and go, but halo 3 gets played regardless, hell even halo 2 gets played regardless (until today)

4Sh0w3108d ago

That's a huge improvement. I'm looking forward to Reach.

inveni03108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )


You've provided a classic case of reading what you want to read. I didn't say that the guns looked exactly the same...I said this:

"The gun model is EXACTLY the same."

THE GUN MODEL. See that? In game design, a model and its textures are two separate things.

Now...give me my disagrees, ignorant fanboys. (Notice I said "ignorant". Wiki that before getting bent out of shape. If you don't know the difference between models and textures, you probably think "ignorant" is some kind of slur.)

EDIT: Oh, and yes...I do hate it. I hated Halo and Halo 2, so I never touched Halo 3. And I didn't even own a PS2 back then (I'd sold it for the Xbox).

Government Cheese3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Holy crap thats an improvement. Only 2 more weeks until I can finally play this

edit: @1.10

Alpha to Beta is mainly about fixing bugs and other slight graphical improvements. The game itself is pretty much set in stone by Alpha. I don't see the point in wanting new models from Alpha to Beta even, Its not like you've played with the models for some time and want something new. God you're dumb.

4Sh0w3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Frankly its people like YOU, and it doesn't matter if you're a ps3fanboy, 360fanboy, or just a plain old hater, all you do is bring this site down to its lowest form.

"EDIT: Oh, and yes...I do hate it. I hated Halo and Halo 2, so I never touched Halo 3. And I didn't even own a PS2 back then (I'd sold it for the Xbox)"

So why are YOU here???????

I know this is a simple question that fanboys/haters get asked often enough but its still very valid and I've never heard a reasonable explanation to this question. I mean I've heard the freedom of speech line and the "thats what the comments section is for" BS line, but common sense applies in everything we do= If you hate it then why waste YOUR time here in a thread about Halo?, Do you really think YOUR opinion, given the fact that YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE UP YOUR MIND ABOUT HALO has any objective or worthwhile value to ADD to this particular thread? Do you go to Jay-Z concerts because you hate his music and just want to show up to let everybody there know how much he sucks? I mean I'm sure there's plenty of musicians YOU do like that would appreciate YOUR positive support. In other words theres very few games I've tried and ending up hating them, and for the few that I do, I try not to think or talk about them unless someone ASKED my opinion= that's how NORMAL PEOPLE/REAL GAMERS BEHAVE, fanboys/haters go out of their way to make sure they let everybody know what they hate instead of WHAT THEY LIKE, so all your comment does is identify what YOU ARE. I know YOU UNDERSTAND n4g is plagued with fanboysim and hatred ON BOTH SIDES, I bet you don't like it when a fanboy comes to a thread about a game YOU LIKE only to spread negativity. Sure, we both know it won't stop no matter what I say but why not do YOUR PART and not ADD to it by purposely going to a thread about a game YOU already know you hate? Both ps3 and 360 fanboys on this site suck, they don't even PLAY games, they simply troll n4g hating on the "other" console to justify their purchase.

Lightsaber3108d ago

That shuld shut up the haters that keep saying Reach looks the same as Halo 3

ShadowRyuX3108d ago

All this really shows is how far behind Halo 3 is. I mean come on that AR looks like absolute crap! I can't believe people ever thought Halo 3 had great graphics. However, I am glad that Reach looks nice and based on what I've read it might actually be worth the buy. Which would be my first Halo purchase since...well Halo.

MiloGarret3108d ago

I think Halo killed inveni0's mother, alternatively slept with his girlfriend at some point.

OT: Nice comparison, first time I'm actually able to see a difference in alpha and beta versions of a game, lol.

ABizzel13108d ago

Finally one of the biggest changes Halo needed has been addressed. This looks great. Now they need to add something new to the mix, and we can have possibly the best Halo game ever.

inveni03108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Frankly, I'm here because I'm a graphics junkie. I don't like God of War much, either, but I bought it just for the tech (and then sold it after I beat it once on easy). So, when I see a thread about a "graphics" improvement, my curiosity is peaked. Then, I get in here and see a bunch people throwing confetti in the air because the art team at Bungie replaced a weapon texture. I'm not trying to cause a fuss, I was just simply trying to say that I didn't quite understand why people were so excited over a texture change.

Instead of arguing with me, just explain your side. That's how you combat fanboyism. With intelligent conversation. So...enlighten me. What am I missing about that gun besides the texture?

EDIT: @1.16, I agree. Based on what I've read (since we really haven't seen much), this actually does look like it's going to be a pretty sweet game. I'm not a big FPS fan (Killzone 2 is another game I bought just for the tech), but I appreciate a good game when I see one, and I think this one is going to probably be pretty good.

LightofDarkness3108d ago

Ok, you clearly should've gone to Specsavers.

The most obvious difference is the clear addition of about 100% more polygons in detail, but seeing as that's obviously too much work for you, I'll point it out in a little more detail. See that ammo counter? Yeah, you might notice it looks almost completely different in shape and size. That, and the barrel is a very different shape. There are more grooves and notches that are not merely painted on normal maps, they're actual geometric detail (ie. MORE polygons, ie. DIFFERENT MODEL).

Don't even bother trying to tell people you're in any way graphics savvy, you can't tell the difference between textures and geometry, which means you know approximately nil. In fact, I would wager you know less than the average gamer.

You've literally taken blind fanboy-ism to extremes. I'm not a big Halo fan, but I do have eyes.

shadow27973108d ago

Thank goodness. I always thought the gun model looked kind of out of place in the old screen shots.

Now it looks a little better than Modern Warfare 2's gun models. That's a lot of progress for the series in a short amount of time. I wonder what other areas will see improvement before release?

blackmagic3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )


I can see some physical changes made on the gun model, not just the textures. For one, on the pre-alpha, on the gunstock under the character's thumb below the four screws there is a slot shaped indentation and below it the gunstock widens a little. On the pre-beta there is a ridge and indentation that encircles the four screws instead and the slot indentation is gone and below the gunstock widens significantly more than seen on the pre-alpha. Also, the top of the scope bezel looks to be more rounded instead of coming to a peak and there are indentations on either side of the scope display in the bottom two corners and the scope mount just below looks to be angled slightly forward instead of being perpendicular.

Now that it's shown that you WERE NOT stating facts when you said the models were identical I think you owe some fans of the series an apology for needlessly and erroneously calling them ignorant fanboys.

vhero3108d ago

Finally its not looking dull however these pics are still a bit small to for a real graphics comparison compared to a retail game.

SixZeroFour3108d ago

@inveni0 - agree with you, for the most part the assault rifle MODEL itself didnt change much, infact, i think it took little things away (like 3 little rectangle detail in the middle of the body of the AR) but graphics include model AND TEXTURE...on top of that, why is it a problem that BUNGIE IMPROVED the texture from alpha to beta?

lastly, your original "rant" was about not caring about the look of the weapons (of any game im assuming) when that is what this article is about...which is the graphics comparison OF THE WEAPON, so if you dont care about the weapon models itself, despite being a "graphics junkie" if this specific article is about the thing you dont care about, you shouldnt have bothered

i do realize your first one was about the gun model itself not changing, why would that matter, if the texture applied was what made the fact, i personally believe that high res detailed textures matter a lot more than the model itself, but thats not to say that its the only thing that matters...bungie have done a great job in making both the model and the textures visually appealing

*to everyone else* sorry for the long wall of text, just hate when ppl dont give credit when its due

hennessey863108d ago

i love how all the killzone 2 clowns are straight on here halo 3 was a better game GAME do u see wots important game i hav a ps3 and killzone 2 it was an ok game but it doesnt play no where near as good as it looks it as simple as that reach is looking stunning and its pissing all the ps3 fanbeaaches off and i cant stop laughing coz i get to play both

Hill_billy3108d ago

Glad to see they are stepping their game up with some great and new looking graphics. Can't wait to get my hands on that there title.

caladbolg7773108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I really hope so. If (and this is a big if) the entire game ends up looking this polished, then color me surprised. However, Halo 3 looked amazing during development as well, but was severely dumbed down in subsequent builds leading to release because of performance issues (an example being water reflections, which looked absolutely outstanding at one point, but ended up being "watered down" for release).

Again, if the finished product ends up looking this good, I'll be ecstatic. However, I'm not getting my hopes up. With Halo being so dependent upon its multiplayer component, the visuals will take a backseat for the sake of performance.

commodore643108d ago

I applaud Bungie on this.

The rifle looks great.
It just speaks volumes bout the untapped potential of the 360, if they can make such a fabulous improvement in the same gen.

I just can't wait to see the finished product and all the additional visual splendour we'll get, as well as generation defining gameplay and multiplayer.

2Spock3108d ago

Best thing to do is take it's bubbles away.....

inveni03108d ago

Wow. I think we can all have ourselves a laugh now. Seriously. As friends. I was sitting there staring at those two photos (that's right...two) trying to figure out what difference you guys were talking about, but then I realized that you weren't talking about the same two photos as I. The model has DEFINITELY changed from Halo3 to Halo Reach, but that's not what I've been talking about this whole time. I've been talking about from Alpha to Beta.

Sorry for all the confusion. (In my defense, I DID say that this is what I was talking about way up in my first post...)

Immortal3213108d ago

all it is, is a chick with make up. there is nothing graphically improved but the details and color from alpha to beta.

blackmagic3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

@ inveni0
I was talking about the pre-alhpha and pre-beta photos and those are the differences that I saw.

Look closely, the three rectangles are still there... :)

Solidus187-SCMilk3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Glad we finally get to fight elites like in halo 1.

4Show The answer to that question is that THEIR TIME ISNT WORTH ANYTHING.


BannedForNineYears3107d ago

Okay, I'm just gonna say it, I don't care if I get tons of disagrees/ignores.
This does not touch Killzone 2...Period.

lowcarb3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Why bring KZ2 into the mix? Sure it's gun models look great but there's no need to make completely opinionated claims and pass them off as the truth. I like the Reach gun models much better than KZ2's but would never claim they look better period because that's my opinion only.

Grow up and shut it kid!

abczby3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

The Sony PS3 fanboy comments about the assault rifles looking the same are prime examples of how rampant fanboyism is ruining the gaming community. I wouldn't be surprised if they never actually looked at the comparison. ALSO @inveni0's brilliant comment saying "The only thing that will save Halo is the sales." Yes, the only thing that will save a game that has well over 3 times the amount of unique daily players as your aforementioned Killzone 2 over 2 years after its release can only be saved by its sales. Not by the constant support/updates/community interaction done by the developer (Bungie), and not by the unique and perfected game play that, while not appealing to some, appeals to millions. You are a genius.

And to everyone continually comparing the gun models in Killzone 2 to Halo: Reach, you are sidestepping one very important fact: Games involve more than just graphics, and Killzone 2's gameplay is horribly flawed. I don't know if you all already forgot the community backlash when the game first came out and to everyone's surprise there was an intentional lag from whenever you pressed a button or moved a joystick to when it actually happened on screen. I wonder if Guerrilla even tested Killzone 2 before releasing it.

Bungie just ended an era (last night Halo 2 going offline...) and is set to start up a new one with Reach. May 3rd can't come any sooner.

minxamo3107d ago

"Am I the only person in the world that doesn't really care what the gun looks like?"
then 1: why did you come onto an article about the improvement in how the gun looks, and
2: why do you say later that you are a "graphics junkie"??

also, if you hate halo so much, theres no reason why you would invest so much time arguing about it, unless you're a fanboy.

lagoonalight3106d ago

This site is completely ridiculous. KZ2 is not flawed in anyway and anybody saying this has not played the game and is advised to STFU. There was nothing WRONG with the game. It was CoD fanboys hollering nonstop about the controls. The controls as is are freakin great I should know I play a couple hours every week and am ranked in the top 15k or so. I don't know about Reach it looks to be a lot better than 3 by a large margin but stop blindly attacking the ONLY console game to have 32 players online and airbots, ground bots, bullets making marks everywhere, particles galore, etc. KZ2 is a masterpiece.

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TROLL EATER3108d ago

woow lookin good. the final version will be even more polished

Picture_Dancer3108d ago

This comparison showed us how ugly HALO 3 was. The rifle looks like from average B class PC shooter from 90's.

And one more thing:

angelrebirth3108d ago

Of course the previous version was cheap, it can be easily enhanced

caladbolg7773108d ago

Wow. Thanks for this. I was pretty impressed by the Halo Reach screens, but when placed side-by-side to KZ2, Reach gets rolled.

LostCypher113108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Yet Bungie is the Dev that Keeps there fans coming back for more. So to you sir I say Gameplay>>>>graphi cs

Dude4203108d ago

"Wow. Thanks for this. I was pretty impressed by the Halo Reach screens, but when placed side-by-side to KZ2, Reach gets rolled."

What are you smoking?

Rofl at Reach gets rolled, yeah maybe in the alpha screenshot. However, now that I look at the Beta shot, it actually looks extremely close to the KZ2 gun. (KZ2 gun has a very slight edge)

The Maxx3107d ago

I actually prefer the futuristic look of the Halo Reach assault rifle than the Call of Duty Clone rifle in the Killzone 2 pic.

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N4PS3G3108d ago

They should wait for new single player pictures to compare with SP Alpha because SP tends to look better than MP.

Anyways...Love the beta screen the most. Looks more detailed with the scratches

Fishy Fingers3108d ago

Generally in environments yes, but not many games show a difference in gun models between SP/MP, and that's what's being compared.

Therealspy033108d ago

i know what you mean. i've certainly noticed that in other games (it was real obvious in advanced warfighter). but in halo...i've never seen a difference in quality from sp to mp.

Cold 20003108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Damn! graphically thats a huge jump from alpha to beta. So much for those who were saying there would be no difference. Had a feeling they didnt know sh!t about what they were talking about.

@below: euh...I guess I must feel...very insecure right now...ahem /s

Hank Hill3108d ago

Your insecurity is showing.

3108d ago
Arnon3108d ago

I'm pretty sure we can see it right here. Two people commenting about how he's insecure, when he's the one looking at the screenshots.

My god. The logic is just... outstanding.

Therealspy033108d ago

what's outstanding is your apparent inability to convey a thought. i have no idea what you're trying to say.

Arnon3107d ago

You seem to be one of the few, considering 8 people agreed with it.

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Kratos Spartan3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Hopefully it quiets the haters who says Reach has only slightly improved graphics. Big difference in those screens. Now we need a background shot comparison. It will only get better from here.

Fishy Fingers3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Rarely do comparisons show any worth around here, usually as they're cross platform. But this one is at least useful in showing the progression they've made.

Sometimes nostalgia gets the better of you and you remember those "old" games looking far better than they really do, not everyone commenting on their similarities are perhaps fanboys, some just remember Halo 3 as better than it actually is, in times like those, these comparisons have serve a purpose.

SixZeroFour3108d ago

@fishy - thats exactly it, nostalgia of REMEMBERING how "good" the graphics were of the previous installments...thats why for all those ppl saying this looks exactly the same, if they went back and actually looked back at side to side screens (like bungie has done before on the REACH screenshots page) theyll see the vast improvements that bungie has done to the halo series

and through these pics, i guess they werent just breathing hot air when they said those pre alpha pics had a lot of "placeholder" textures