Get Your First Look at Persona 3 Portable in English

Those who were waiting to see the localized version of Persona 3 Portable in action are in luck, as Atlus has just released their first video walkthrough for the game, which gives players their first look at the game's North American localization.

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mephman3135d ago

It's looking pretty sweet.

Noctis Aftermath3135d ago

Looks really good, alot better then the other persona game i looked at recently, it had a retro atmosphere to it which killed it's appeal for me.

Myze3135d ago


Guessing you are referring to the first Persona re-released on the PSP. It's a remake/resurfacing of the original game that came out on the ps1 14 years ago, while Persona 3 was released on the ps2 just 3 years ago. Persona 3 is definitely a better game, but it's not really fair to compare, since 70% of the game is just upgrades from the original. Anyway, I would still recommend the first Persona. Really cool storyline, but yes, the battle system and graphics are very dated (although the graphics were enhanced in a lot of parts for the PSP version, at least the HUD and cutscenes and music).

George Sears3135d ago

I'm getting this game for sure. Haven't bought a PSP game since June last year (MH Unite).

I'll be getting my RPG fix on the PSP for this year.

Da One3135d ago

Along with

Disgaea Infinite
Valkyria Chronicles 2

phalanx_mark3134d ago

would prefer the supposedly superior persona 4 but will get this anyway since i dont have it on PS2.