AMD and Intel: How to upgrade in the months ahead

Whether you consider yourself an AMD fanboy or an Intel fanatic, 2010 is a year that promises major platform releases from both companies. The question is: Is it worth upgrading right now? Or is waiting the prudent move.

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Nihilism3108d ago

Very well written article, I'm not a fan of Icrontic but this was good.

I'm going to get a mid range sandy bridge CPU in mid 2011, I'm out of the PC hardware rat-race, fun if you can afford it...not so much if you can't, I'm going to get the cheapest/slowest 6 or 8 core sandy bridge CPU and I'll make it last for 5 years, my GTX 280 needs replacing but I decided a GTX480 wasn't worth the expense....high end GPUs only last 2 years as far as maxing all games goes...but the 40" 100hz Sony LCD I bought instead will last me 10 years.

I'll leave it to the other suckers to price the prices of high end GPUs down.