Splinter Cell Conviction Starter Kit Unboxing

Ubisoft has unleashed the espionage title Splinter Cell Conviction onto Xbox 360 owners this week and the latest chapter of Sam Fisher's escapades looks to be the best of his adventures yet. Ubisoft sent out a 'Starter Kit' to members of the media and it's a very nice kit with the Splinter Cell Conviction novel, lots of information on the game, and, of course, the game itself. The kit itself also came in a beautifully stylized package.

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MMFGaming3110d ago

Hahaha, why on Earth would they send a book? Gamers don't read!

VegaShinra3110d ago

I wonder if the game and book has any connection

gtamike1233110d ago

No one wants Splinter Cell Conviction cause MGS4 is king

MattyF3110d ago

Maybe you should try this Splinter Cell since it's a lot more action-packed.

MattyF3109d ago

This game is great. Much more action-oriented than the previous titles of the series.