Shank Creator Jamie Cheng Video Interview

DualShockers writes: Want to get Shank(ed)? Well so do we, and after what we got a chance to see behind closed doors at PAX East 2010, this summer can't come any sooner. While at the show we were invited by Klei Entertainment to come and check out Shank, but not on the show floor. Instead we were given the opportunity of meeting with the game's creator and CEO of Klei Entertainment Jamie Cheng for a more private time with the game in a hotel adjacent to the Hynes Convention Center.

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Ninferno3107d ago

great interview, cant wait to try this game.

Ninferno3107d ago

this game looks really fun, i love the graphics

Chadness3107d ago

This game looks like a lot of fun from what I saw there at PAX.

Hitman07693107d ago

I could see myself getting in to this.

Hitman07693107d ago

Excellent, I'm always down for new multiplayer games!