Gamer Fails to Get Job Due to Playing a Horde Character on WoW

There are many reasons, sometimes legitimate ones, that can cause you to be not be chosen for a job. Commonly, people are unfairly discriminated on for being gay, lesbian or for having a specific skin color, but when has anyone ever been judged on their World of Warcraft faction?

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ConnorSmith3135d ago

Thats terrible, but funny picture!

sumo3113135d ago

Its not terrible, its life!

sumo3113135d ago

Servers her right for being a horde!

You're Fired!

ConnorSmith3135d ago

Really? I cant imagine you have a job either...

Corepred43135d ago

i like how she called him a 20-something year old alliance crybaby. well b*tch that crybaby just owned your ass and has a job while you play wow at home, lmao. and connorsmith what makes you assume that about him? don't tell me you play this wow loser stuff, too. lol

Montrealien3134d ago

Good, I would not hire him either, horde are bad.

sumo3113135d ago

For those interested, here is the link to the forums!


RadientFlux3135d ago

With all stories the news media has done about World of Warcraft addiction. Saying that you play WOW is never a good idea, the last thing you want is an employer wondering if you game responsibly or not.

Christopher3135d ago

I've seen resumes that we have for consideration with our RFPs where they say being a guild leader in WoW or having a high level character with such and such equipment is an ability/representation of their ability to lead/work with others/etc.

I love to game as much as the next person, but video gaming as a hobby is something I put on facebook, not on my resume.

Montrealien3134d ago

Don`t put it on your resume, but you can aquire decent leadership skills in wow.

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The story is too old to be commented.