Hurdles for Crysis 2 to Become Console "Game of the Year"

"The irony of the Crysis 2 debut trailer being dubbed "The Wall" is that Crytek is toppling a huge wall by developing the game not exclusively for the PC like its predecessor, but also Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. At long last, the graphics kingpin franchise will be available to play without having to sweat over upgrading processor speed, graphics cards or RAM. Hooray... for console owners, at least."

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JoelR3201d ago

even if they get onto the wall they will have some serious work cut out to become game of the year on the xbox or the ps. Gears 3 on the xbox and *********3 on the ps3 will be hitting hard as well.

Loccus3201d ago

I'm just curious to see how this franchise will look on the consoles.

arakouftaian3201d ago

why not let the game talk by it self?

they have been talking bs, good thing, everything.

is not like Call of Duty got very popular in the 1one

it take time sometimes to make a name .