Poll: Gamers more excited about Natal than Move, 3DS

With compelling devices on the way from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, gamers will soon be bombarded with all kinds of crazy new tech. Hands-free gaming, improved motion-sensing, 3D on a handheld -- it's enough to make even the most casual player nervously excited.

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Jamie Foxx3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Some performances may have been smoke an mirrors,fake milos,celebrity endorsements,nothing substansial shown apart from richochet but they key thing is this is putting natal in peoples minds,sony have a tend to create amazing hardware but just expect word of mouth to create a buzz.

Nomatter how cringe worthy some of natals endorsements have been they the key fact is its being advertised,love or hate microsoft they know how to advertise

Godmars2903111d ago

It doesn't matter which has the more attention or public awareness, but which delivers games that are worth playing.

Felicia Day hawking it will likely result in more Natal sales, but she wont make it work in Fable 3 if it doesn't work.

Convas3111d ago

Which is why we wait to see what MS has in store. I'm not judging till I see more. That's the only sensible thing to do.

Godmars2903111d ago

Except articles like this are taking the opposite stance. By saying that Natal is popular, has the most name recognition from the competition, that its already won and has nothing to prove even though its yet to prove anything.

That's the general stance that its defenders take: Though it was announced and shown off last year with a number of positive quotes from the industry, its doubters have no right to question its abilities even though the early demos have come under fire and no other evidence had been presented. Only good news about it should be accepted.

myothercar3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

People are just more excited about Natal because it's new and SEEMINGLY all-powerful. But I've seen too many tracking glitches and am not going to be fooled by the conceptual trailers. The "Revolution" trailers and PR of 2005 and early 2006 had me convinced the Wiimote was going to be this precise 3D tracking tool for reaching in and manipulating things of all kinds (like content creators have already testified to using the Move for, actually). Instead, the Wiimote was a flick-detector, that's all it was good for.

I'm getting the exact same BS Revolution vibe from Natal's marketing. And their use of celebrity endorsements is pathetic. That's only going to make me think they have nothing else to show for it.

With Move, we've seen the tech in realtime, in the hands of REAL people, and the tech works so well that it's obvious that the limitations of the controller will remain largely unreached for several years.

While Move may seem like nothing new, it is what the Wiimote was supposed to be: a true 1:1 controller for virtual and augmented interactions for hardcore and casuals alike. As a Wii Motion Plus owner I can say that Wii failed to meet the expectations they spawned in gamers like me when they originally explained the Revolution concept in 2005.

Sixense is another solution that achieves what nintendo failed to do. However, I doubt we'll ever see that device get much support because they don't have the money to fund games for it like Sony does.

raztad3111d ago

People is excited about what MS says about Natal no Natal itself. Nobody has seen anything worth a bit of excitement yet, only: "Baam there it is" and some ultra dumb ball game.

Move may not sound revolutionary but it's actually more than hype.

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JoelR3111d ago

more press = more excitement.

lets check world wide next time though and or after E3... I suspect worldwide demand is pretty much skewed the other way.

Convas3111d ago

I'm really excited to see what MS can pull off with Natal. Many are waiting too. MS Natal Conference at E3 will either make or break the peripheral.

LiquifiedArt3111d ago

You have techonology that existed forever on the Playstation, and now for some UNKNONW reason (Marketing Brainwashing), you have these (i can't think for myself people) who see it as something new and fresh?

The Move may be exactly what Nintendo "Advertised" intially, but what they utlimately decieved the consumer to believe. Sony won't get their sales. They SHOULD, because of the simple fact that they are providing what the Wii was "advertised" to be, but they won't. So thus far this is what i've learned from this generation.

Charge More, Provide Less, Bend the Truth Often and Market Everything to the umpteenth degree and you got a success.

Sounds like people are edjumacated consumers now adays. /sarcasm

IRetrouk3111d ago

couldnt agree more, i dont want an updated eyetoy with a few new tricks, and tbh move has me excited, did anyone see socom 4 being played with it? are you telling me natal can do that?

SeanScythe3111d ago

I wasn't givin a poll to take on it? Who did they Poll?

ChozenWoan3111d ago

... actually the best one I've heard all day.


schlanz3111d ago

though they admitted it wasn't random, just convenient. They should also have asked each person what system they play the most. I mean, its not really surprising that most people answer Natal if they stick to Xbox over PS3 or handheld gaming.

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